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Admin contact for spam accounts?

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  • Admin contact for spam accounts?

    is there a contact or can we establish one to quickly
    identify and remove the spam accounts that have been
    showing up more and more?


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    I 2nd that


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      Look at the bottom left corner of the post, you'll see a "!" in a triangle. Click on that to report it and they will take care of it.
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        Do you know if anyone reads those reports, though? I've never had an acknowledgement, which is sort-of discouraging.


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          The way this forum is structured, it's unlikely you'll ever receive any sort of PM acknowledgement of the report you send. That's just the nature of vBulletin software. The e-mail reports reach the moderating team -- which to the best of my knowledge is just Mark's account itself, unless there are some ghost moderators of some sort -- and they handle whatever needs done.

          I've made it clear a few times that there needs to be an actual, active moderating team. Not only to deal with the occasional arguments among members, but to eliminate SPAM/advertising accounts, move threads to a more appropriate sub-forum (if necessary), split threads that become too long (which can become a drag on the server), etc.

          However, at this point it's fallen on deaf ears. I mean, I'd gladly give some of my time to do that sort of thing (having a long record of experience moderating vB-based forums), but so far the response I've seen from Mark & Co. is "nah, not really necessary."
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            thanks for the tip skink. i never paid attention to that button
            before. while the spam posts are annoying, i don't want to
            create more of a hassle for Mark by reporting them.


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              Speaking as a long-standing VB forum owner, I'd always much rather people reported spam or otherwise offensive posts than ignored them. Post reports are copied to my moderators' private forum, and someone will deal with the issue and send a pm to the person who reported. Normally this is done by a speedy moderator before I even see the report, and I click through to find it all already dealt with.

              Mind you, this forum is very young. It took meyears of trying to mediate and soothe by myself - always succeeding only in making all parties despise me equally - before I finally realised I had to get some help. Moderators are wonderful. Every forum owner should have some.


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                Well this is a young forum... BUT for the most part everyone is nice and contributes with the goal of helping each other.

                But I agree... the Trolls and Add spam are starting to pop up more and more.