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  • Dysmenorrhea

    So I went to the doctor this week for my dysmenorrhea. I have tried almost everything to help it, but it just seems to get worse. I have had it for a little over two years- and yes it is panful every single month. The doctor prescribed me to go on the pill to help with this. I am hesitant to go on it but this may be my only option. Does anyone else have this issue? All advice welcome.

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    Hi, terrax.

    I struggled for years and years with severe cramping (I'm 22)--I'd be unable to keep food down, miss school/work/performances...the works. The only things that helped were 1) starting hormonal birth control about three years ago (I still take it, since my !@$$% insurance won't pay for an IUD) and 2) improving my diet about two years ago, mostly by eliminating pre-packaged foods like frozen dinners, cup-of-noodles, snack items etc.

    Since starting to really watch my grain and sugar intake this summer, I've noticed that I have even less pain than with BCPs/CW 'healthy' eating alone, but most of the improvement, I'm afraid, seems to have come from the pill. I realize that it's far from desirable when you're trying to live as clean/naturally as possible, but if this is interfering with your life it might be worth trying, at least for a while...However, there are LOTS of recommendations in other threads in the forum about natural remedies for difficult periods--try searching for 'evening primrose oil', for example. Good luck!


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      If you are really conflicted about going on the pill, I recommend giving it a couple of more months (if you can stand it) of clean eating and supplementing with Evening Primrose. If that doesn't work (or now if you the pain is just too much), ask the doc about using bio-identical hormones instead of the synthetics.