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Cholesterol gurus... help?

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  • Cholesterol gurus... help?

    Ok, here are some numbers from recent (well, May) bloodwork:

    Total Cholesterol- 198 (range- 100-199)
    Triglycerides- 41 (range 0-149)
    HDL- 49 (range >39)
    LDL- 141 (range 0-99) <--- talk to me about this number
    VLDL- 8 (range 5-40)

    As I said, this was from May 2011. I switched to Primal eating Feb 2011. My LDL has never been in the high range. That being said, I have read Mark's posts regarding cholesterol and, to be honest, my Mommy brain has not allowed me to effectively process the info.
    Can someone offer some insight for me? Do I need to worry about this?


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    Do you know if your LDL was calculated or measured? According to Griff's Cholesterol Primer the equation used to calculate LDL is not accurate if triglycerides fall below 100. He recommends using this:

    "However, there is a newer equation, called the Iranian Equation, that does a better job of calculating LDL when trigs are below 100." That equation is:

    (Total/1.19) + (Trig/1.9) - (HDL/1.1) -38 = LDL = 166.38 + 21.57 - 44.54 - 38 = 105.41

    Which makes your number pretty good.
    Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )


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      Unfortunately even with an LDL of 105.41 his doctor will still want to talk to him. Under 100 for LDL though is an unrealistic expectation. What you've got there is a very nice blood panel.

      The only aspect of high LDL that makes it a problem for heart disease is when it hits levels of 200-300mg/dL (hypercholesterolemia) and at that level the LDL particles will spend more time in the blood, which increases their chance of being oxidised. A very important factor in that single factor is VLDL, because VLDL are 4 times wider, therefore have 16 times the surface area, so are more obstructive. Your VLDL is nice and low, nothing to worry about.

      All of the main factors of heart disease are addressed easily by a lowered carbohydrate and PUFA consumption


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        Thanks for the info!