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Pink Coconut Water?!

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  • Pink Coconut Water?!

    So, I just opened a young thai coconut and the water was a kind of pale pink and the flesh was also a pale browny pink colour. Also, there was hardly any meat in there at all?!

    It tastes completely normal - just not sure if I should eat it?!

    Any ideas what that's all about? Safe to eat?

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    No! That one has gone bad.

    It happens. Over time you will become better at avoiding picking the bad ones. You can take it back and exchange it for another.
    "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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      Ah... Thanks. Shame though. I don't see them very often - so they are a real once in a while treat.

      I just read someplace else that they are sometimes pink when very young.... Wishful thinking probably!


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        Not so much now since it's gotten chilly and rainy here, but over the summer I was having fresh coconut water every single day and the ladies at the asian market were talking about me.

        The pink ones are definitely bad. The fact that yours doesn't have the usual associated alcohol smell tells me that it's just gone bad/just over the borderline. Had you opened it tomorrow, there probably would have been that characteristic smell, too.

        The meat should always be as white as a sheet of paper. If you see that it's turned pink or mauve, that's the thumbs down sign.

        When you are selecting one in the market, flip it over and make sure there isn't any mold or weird discoloration along the bottom. Also, you want to try as much as possible to select one where the pointy tip is not black.

        Anyway, yeah, you can take that one back and exchange it. I've never had any problems doing that.
        "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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          Thanks for the tips - I've had a couple of real gooduns since ;-)


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            Just had a coconut with pink water and pink flesh. There was hardly any flesh and it was very soft/mushy. I drank the pink coconut water and did not get sick. Did drink it before and after my yoga class, was definitely more then usually tired, but that could be something else. It tasted a little different, but I did not get sick. So I'm unsure what is so bad about drinking the pink coconut water?


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              It's not bad. There's a company that sells coconut water and sometimes you get a pink one. They explain that right on the bottle that sometimes you get lucky and get a pink one. It means nothing at all. Kind of like how our apple trees in the back yard sometimes had apples that were pink inside.
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                I realize im necro-ing a mostly dead thread here, but, FWIW, from the label on the Harmless Harvest brand of coconut water:

                "GOT A PINK ONE? Lucky you! Raw coconut water contains naturally occurring variations in levels of antioxidants, such as phenols, that can make it turn pink. It's as good as (if not better than) the others. Enjoy!"


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                  No, the pink ones are SOMETIMES moldy, but you'd taste it. They are USUALLY pink because they were picked too young, which makes them taste like sweet heavenly candy. They are different pinks, too. The good pink is clear looks like rose quartz. Bad pink is cloudy and looks like body fluid.
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