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How to become certified personal trainer... in Germany?

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  • How to become certified personal trainer... in Germany?

    Hi everybody,

    I have been for years a fitness enthusiast and, having read and tried quite a lot in the field, I consider myself to quite knowledgeable on the topic. In fact I have reached good results on myself and also on a few friends that I have helped with their gym and nutrition plans.

    I was now thinking of bringing this to the next level and becoming a fitness trainer. Since I am totally fascinated by fitness and nutrition and I feel I still have a lot to learn, my main aim would be first of all to become an "expert" in the field. Finding a job, helping people and earning money out of it would be a nice extra for the future.

    I now live in Germany, but I would prefer studying in English. Do you know how to get a certification recognised internationally (no idea where I am going to live next)?

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    So no tips on this? I understand you may not be familiar with Germany, but could you at least suggest some international certifications that can be obtained online?



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      I know that there are various kettlebell (Kugelhantel) companies that offer certifications in Germany, here is one with a program next month in Mainz.

      I believe there are others that focus on the Girevoy sport type of kettlebells as well. There is a learning curve with this though so you probably have to do quite a bit on your own first.