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Lipitor & leg cramps--Does primal help?

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  • Lipitor & leg cramps--Does primal help?

    I have what's called Familial Cholesteremia, a genetic thing wherein the lucky recipient naturally cranks out high levels of cholesterol (in the range of 400-500+). So I've been on a high does of Lipitor, 80 mg, for 7-8 yrs. During that same period I have had periodic leg cramps, usually charlie horses in my lower legs. Reports commonly correlate the cramps to statins.

    Does anyone have an opinion about whether the paleo diet would counter act this? Of course I know that my preference is that I can reduce the statin dose as my general numbers improve.


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    I eat an avocado at lunch, and it prevents the cramps in the lower leg muscles for me. I think it is potassium. Mine are not from statins, but might be worth a try.

    A paleo/primal diet couldn't hurt, and I know I feel a whole lot better when I am following a primal than when I am not. good luck
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      Avocado is a good idea. Nuts, yogurt, bananas--all good sources.


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        Have a look at this article by Stephanie Seneff an MIT research scientist.
        Statins and Myoglobin: How Muscle Pain and Weakness Progress to Heart, Lung, and Kidney Failure


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          See this thread


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            Thanks for both links. I suspected this might have been discussed before.