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    Hello, I just recently started my first year of university this fall studying "Health Sciences".
    My family and I have all been primal for the last two years. I realized by going into Health Science, I would be told a lot about the Canadian Food Guide, grains are good, saturated fat is bad. Unfortunately thats all its been. This one course titled "Determinates of Health" is based entirely off this 300 page text book that preaches, low fat-high carb.
    I brought this $80 text book home at thanksgiving, and my entire family spent the weekend reading it and laughing at all the ridicoulous statements that are claimed to be fact.

    There is a section devoted to "eating too much meat". The book claims that "Men who eat red meat as a main dish five or more times a week are four more times at risk of colorectal cancer then men who eat red meat less than once a month. Heavy-red-meat-eaters are more than twice as likely to get prostate cancer."
    It tells me to limit my intake of bacon and organ meats.
    -Use "mock" cream cheese instead of real cream cheese.
    -use liquid, diet or whipped margarine. Try to avoid using solid fats like butter
    - remove the skin from chicken before eating
    - When eating out check to see what type of oil is used. Avoid LARD based or other saturated fat products
    -Avoid coconut oil, butter, cream, whole milk, and beef as they are high in saturated. I laughed when i read that, its pretty much half my diet.

    I will stop rambling off all this garbage now. I'm just incredibly annoyed that I had to spend $80 on a textbook full of lies. I understand that this is one view point, but isn't it surprising that at a university level they are not encouraging other research and different points of view.?
    Last week I wrote a paper on the benefits of saturated fats, I've never been so nervous to get an assignment back. I'm so worried I am going to ripped to shreds for it.

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    Please uptdate us when you get your assignment back! I'm interested in hearing their views when you present them with some real facts. It's crazy how the false information and low-fat dogma continues to go almost unquestioned. We need more people like you in the health and nutrition field!


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      I studied Political Science. I wrote papers all the time that contradicted the instructors' dogmas. If your paper is well-researched and well-written it will be well-received by any quality instructor. Don't sweat it. Your instructor might actually appreciate learning something.


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        I have a 4-year degree in Health Studies myself. On the plus side, most of what you'll learn will be basic/intermediate biology, anatomy, physiology, and so on. Most of that information will be accurate, important, and useful -- so don't feel too discouraged! It's just the random courses here and there on nutrition and/or fitness that you might want to avoid (or at least, stay wary during).

        It's good that you challenge the viewpoints that don't make sense though. Any good professor will appreciate that quality, as long as you challenge and question in a respectful way. Let us know how you did on your paper!