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Headache When Sitting?

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  • Headache When Sitting?

    remove please... thread no longer needed.
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    Sounds like it could be a pinched nerve. How is your sitting posture? Is it when you're at the computer? try sitting ergonomically, see if that helps. Also, try seeing a chiropractor. If it is a pinched nerve, you wouldn't want that problem to get worse! a pinched nerve could, in theory, cause the other symptoms you are experiencing. I'd give it a shot Btw, I've worked for a chiropractor for over 3 years, so I know a bit


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      Thank you for replying.

      Sitting ergonomically does not help as it entails sitting with my buttocks flat on the chair. I find I can minimize the feeling of head pressure in my head by leaning to one side, sitting on one of my legs (very uncomfortable), and generally doing anything that minimizes pressure in that area.
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        Hey, actually my first post, because I feel that I may have something to offer on the subject. I've had very similar symptoms with facial pressure for some time. Pressure behind and between the eyes, in the forehead, as well as sometimes in the temple area. I, too, have been searching for answers with doctors, had sinus surgery in March, and so on. I've noticed for years that I am very inflexible in the hamstrings, and when standing bent-over, if I let my head droop down, I get a semi-painful sensation down my arms and sometimes legs. I also have mild sleep apnea. My theory, which is backed by my own empirical testing, is that years of contorting my neck to breathe at night has caused some neck problem - going next week to qualify what that problem is. I also believe I have some sciatica issues. 8 hours a day at work I would notice the face pressure, for YEARS. Starting a few weeks ago I improved my posture - my head was always forward and chin a bit up - my natural position. I brought my head back and chin down. While this is uncomfortable on my neck, the pressure in my face has miraculously disappeared. Consistently. Best of luck!