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Damned pain...

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  • Damned pain...

    Back pain, shooting into my chest, arm and neck. I know what causes it but unfortunately I can't get to sleep unless I lie down with the arm on that side out in front of me.
    Damn, damn, damn.
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    You could try FasterEFT tapping. It's an effective, natural way to manage your pain symptoms. It might not cure it (overnight) but I can almost promise that it will relieve a deal of your pain, enough to rest.

    here is one of many testimonials regarding the efficacy of FasterEFT for serious back pain:
    217 How I Got Rid of My Back Pain Faster EFT Robert Smith - YouTube

    Here is how to do the tapping: 69 The REAL CURE Faster EFT

    How to target back pain specifically.

    Even if you think it looks stupid, or is "woo woo," just follow along, and see if you can get any relief. It's free, and it couldn't hurt.

    Hope you feel better soon!

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