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Chicago Primals- restaurant recommendations?

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  • Chicago Primals- restaurant recommendations?

    I live in the NW burbs and will be in Chicago the weekend of Nov. 11th, staying in the Mag Mile area- does anyone have any good Primal restaurant recommendations? Maybe a meetup? Thanks!

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    Honky Tonk BBQ - Honky Tonk BBQ Website

    Delicious slow cooked meat. Get the rib tips for only $9, enough meat to feed any hungry grok, with delicious crunchy cartilage. I don't know what is in the sauces, but I get that it's all made in house, and they serve them on the side (cause there are three: sweet, tangy, mustard(my choice)). You don't actually need the sauce, the meat is so good. And if you're really feeling decadent, try the bacon candy. Thick slabs of bacon(like half inch) slow roasted in some kind of sugar, till the fat is so rendered, it melts and burst in your mouth. It's a lot of sugar, but the flavor is INCREDIBLE.

    It's not downtown, but consider taking the trip.
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      OMG! I just check out Honky Tonk BBQ and it looks fabulous! My hubby loves BBQ. I will have no problem dragging him there. We will be checking this out in the very near future. I hope more people chime in and post some other great places to eat at in the Chicago area. There are a few really good spots in the La Grange area that serve grass fed beef (Back Yard Burger), and organic (Prasino). The owners of Prasino are opening another restaurant in the next month or two....don't remember the name.


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        Acre in Andersonville (on clark) is not specifically primal but it is easy to eat primal there. It has grass fed beef and local organic produce, plus everything I've had there has been great?



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          Longman and Eagle in Logan Square has a great grass fed bacon cheeseburger with beef fat fries (if you eat potatoes). And if you want to stay near the Mag Mile, try the Amish chicken with mushrooms at Bistronomic on Rush Street--it was the best dish at the table when we were there and the most economical as well.

          All of the pork-centric restaurants (like the Publican, Purple Pig, Girl and the Goat, et al) are also good. It's hard to go wrong in Chicago if you're primal as long as you stay away from the deep dish pizza.

          Have fun!


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            This place looks amazing! Welcome to Browntrout - Sustainable fine dining in Chicago The menu looks all organic/sustainable and they just started selling grassfed beef from my Dad's Ranch in Marengo Q7 Ranch (shameless plug, I know)


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              How about Brazilian Steakhouses? All in Chicago: Texas De Brazil; Brazzaz; Zed451 or Al Primo Canto.


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                Thanks Guys! Omg, great suggestions!! Off to do my research now and see how many places I can hit in 2.5 days!