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Woman Launches New Food Truck…That Serves Insects!

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  • Woman Launches New Food Truck…That Serves Insects!

    High in protein, low in saturated fat, vitamin packed and easy to rear. What sort of food source has such an impressive resume? Insects of course.

    Edible Insect Food Cart Introduces Americans to This Protein Packed Food Group | Video |

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    Hmm. I have a constant supply of mealworms in my house. Granted they're for my bearded dragons. The big ones we get don't look nearly as nice as the normal smaller ones, so I'm never tempted to try them! xD
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      I just couldn't do it.

      I was trail running a few weeks ago and when I was going through an open area I was scaring up tons of big grasshoppers. At one point one flew up and landed right on my chest... my first instinct was to swat it off.

      I started thinking later during the run about what Grok would have done... something tells me that a grasshopper unfortunate enough to light on him during a persistence hunt would have ended up in his belly.
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        I think if I had the normal ones, I would cook some up. I remember going on a scool trip to some science museum years ago and at the end they offered us mealworms, and I flat out refused. But now? Hell, I'm game! XD

        Saying that, I don't think I could eat a live one. Baby steps.
        Bunny trainer extraordinaire!