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  • 16 Days Primal

    And I can't believe it!
    11 lbs down (the bulk of that lost in the first week)
    14 1/2" down (bulk of that lost in the second week, 9 1/2" of which came off the 3 measurements in the midsection) AND 1/2" off my neck. The neck!

    I'm an Atkins convert so the thought of enjoying fruit every now and again was scary. I'd make it to 8 days or so on induction and then face dive into carbs of any kind. According to my calculations I was eating around 75 carbs (fibre already minused) each and every day.

    In fact, the whole family has been primal since day one. This is completely sustainable for everyone, for the long haul.

    So grateful to have found this change!
    Start Weight: 265.8
    Current Weight: 234.4
    Leptin Reset started Jan 1, 2014

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    Congratulations! Those are excellent results.

    How fortunate you are to have your family along on your primal journey. Just are they adapting to the change of lifestyle?


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      Absolutely no complaints at all. I've never had picky eaters, up for pretty much anything I throw their way. It tastes good, they feel good. And my preteen forgot to eat lunch one day. Unheard of! He thought that was pretty cool, not having to dictate his day according to his stomach.

      Thumbs up!
      Start Weight: 265.8
      Current Weight: 234.4
      Leptin Reset started Jan 1, 2014


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        That's great! It must make it so much easier for you. I would love for my husband to join me...but he is not interested (at least not yet) in giving up his carbs...pasta, chips, cookies, ice cream, etc....


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          Welcome! Your results are awesome.

          My husband's eating more salad. That's about as far as it goes He's a total carb-lover.
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