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No Soap/'Poo and Zits

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  • No Soap/'Poo and Zits

    Hey all,

    I've been doing the no soap/'poo thing in the shower and I love how my hair and skin feels since ditching the chemicals. However, I've noticed that I'm starting to get more zits now. I use a washcloth to scrub my body down and get all the dead skin off and I suspect this is just pushing dirt and oil into my pours. Should I quit using a cloth to scrub with or should I try to find a more natural soap to use? Or, are the zits just part of the transition phase of going no soap?

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    A lot of people have had success with coconut oil on their faces- look up the oil cleansing method for how it works. It basically operates on the fact that oil dissolves in oil, so to get rid of the bad oils on your skin you have to use clean healthy oils.

    Also, acne can be triggered in some people by dairy or nightshades.

    I personally notice that my skin stays in better condition when I am shaving regularly. I'm not sure if it is the exfoliation, or the high-quality soaps I use, but there is a definite improvement.


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      It's not "acne zits" that I'm starting to get. They're the single big zits with whiteheads that are popping up on my thighs and legs. So far my face is clear and I have cleared up the dry skin problem I was having on my shins.