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Oh no, Hugh, not you too..

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  • Oh no, Hugh, not you too..

    Hugh Fiercesome-Carnivore USED to be a food hero of mine - after all he wrote a thick and fabulous two-inch cooking tome simply called: "Meat" (which I know has its afficinados in the US as well as the UK). He reared his own livestock, got involved with rare breeds and talked about the importance of eating offal.

    And now he seems to have drunk the vegetarian Kool-Aid:
    Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall: I don't eat puppies. I've even spent the summer as a veggie - Telegraph


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    That guy is a really dangerous idiot. He's wrong on sooooooo many counts, and he cries for government intervention. Ugh. Maybe we'll get lucky and he'll choke on a carrot.


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      He's actually always been a vegetarian. It was all an act, a lie.
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        So if his efforts at persuasion prove no more effective than all those that have gone before, is there a case for government intervention, for example to offer incentives to change eating habits and thereby reduce the soaring cost to the NHS of coping with the consequences of poor diet?
        Yes, the reason why the NHS costs are soaring has nothing to do with socialism. It is the fault of your eating habits. The government should therefore force you to stop eating animal products like saturated fats and meat. They should also subsidize whole grains. This will fix the NHS because history has proven that socialism always works.

        The government is never wrong. It is your fault! Not the fault of our benevolent masters in government! Get this through your thick heads people! The use of force and violence is always the best solution to social issues!

        Freedom and voluntary action is evil! You need to be taxed of all your wealth so that everyone can have healthcare. Nevermind that nobody wants to work any more in the UK and they have the highest unemployment rate in over 15 years! Socialism works! Damn it! Just study history. Kim Jong Il is the man, he knows what he is talking about. Just look at how healthy all those North Koreans are, don't you want to be just like them?

        Stupid freedom lovers...


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          "I don't eat puppies", shut the fuck up. I seriously hate people that talk like that.
          I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.


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            Looks like he only went vegetarian for the summer so he could get the experience for his book......then went back to eating at least fish.
            I would believe in a vegetarian book written by a carnivore about as much as I would believe in a meat-eater tome written by a vegetarian.

            As for the puppy bit, you have to read the article to see it in context.
            Personally I did not care for the snarky tone in which the entire article was written. It put me off the whole thing.
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              Wasn't the whole point not to be vegetarian, but to rely more on vegetables in your diet? And, itsn't that a good thing since veg is cheaper and easier to come by?

              I'm not a Hugh FW cheerleader by any means, but this is not something to get angry about - he's just selling a book about eating more greens!


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                But puppies are so tasty
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                  Originally posted by Mike Gager View Post
                  But puppies are so tasty
                  They also make great coats.