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  • Hair and skin care

    Hello just an introduction I am 26 yr old male, who has been 100 % paleo/primal for over 2 years now.

    My problem is that for the past 10 months I have been trying to go without shampoo and skincare products as it seemed to naturally follow.

    Now whenever I go without shampoo I develop a pretty nasty fungal infection on my scalp(dandruff) accompanied with scaling.

    Also even though my diet is 100 % clean i still get acne around my chin and nose area(high oil) and the lack of putting any cleansers on my face hasn't helped cut down the natural sebum production.

    Has anyone else experienced this or have any advice? thanks

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    Check out crunch betty. She's a blog writer who's blog as the sub-title "You have food on you face". She talks about using honey as a face mask/wash, and other things that are MUCH MORE natural than ANYTHING you can buy in the store. She also delves into natural homemade cleaners for the home, as well. As a bonus, she's an awesome writer who pulls you in to her writing. And beautiful photographs too!


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      I have been using Juice Beauty for years now - organic skin care. It cleared the acne both my boys got.
      Diver Girl goes Primal Journal


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        Coconut oil is a natural fungicide, and in order to remove the dirty oil from your skin you can use other healthy oils, like coconut or olive. Look up "oil cleansing method".