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  • Help from fellow grokettes please!


    I specified ladies on this one cause I figured it might potentially be tmi for the guys. First of all, my situation. I am 19 and have been primal for about 6 months but decided in the past month or so to start getting serious about it. I have gained quite a bit of weight since I started and am now heavier than I really should be for my height (I'm 5'10"). I had lost a lot of weight last year (2008) following a vegan diet. However, that led to another outburst of an eating disorder I've been dealing with since I was about 12.

    And now the important part and reason for my question. I stopped having my period a full year ago now as a result and going primal and gaining all this weight has not brought it back. At a physical last spring they actually tested my thyroid but didn't find anything except for a low white blood cell count (if that means anything to you guys).

    Also, no matter how low I've dropped my carbs I can't seem to lose this excess weight. I've been under 50 g a day of em for a couple months now and no change. I IF quite a bit already for long periods of time (a side effect of the ED I guess, I can ignore hunger like a pro). Excercise really varies. I try and walk every day and stay active. I also love to dance and do that at school. I lift heavy stuff every once in a while and will randomly bust out some burpees or something like it throughout the day.

    Calories wise I can vary a lot. This past Sunday I ate 1000 cause I was feeling queesy. But yesterday I ate probably about 2200 since I lifted heavy the night before and was hungry. I just officially cut out dairy and feel better so maybe that will help. Fitday says I need 2500 a day just being me but that seems excessive.

    I don't know guys, any suggestions? Sorry this is so long. I am just getting frustrated. I am trying to do the right thing but sometimes this gets so old I just wanna go back to being vegan since I looked better back then. Don't worry, I won't though. I know this really is the best way to live.


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    Hard to say...can you give us an idea of what you eat?


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      well it can really vary sometimes. If I eat breakfast that would probably be eggs scrambled with a bit of coconut milk in some coconut oil.

      I rarely have lunch but if I do then it would probably be either some sort of leftover meat like chicken or a burger patty. Yesterday though I roasted up some raw walnuts in ghee and cinnamon cause I was curious what that would taste like. (VERY good).

      Dinner is typically another meat with plenty of fat and some veggies.

      My ratios are usually around 70-75% fat, 15-20% protein, and 5-10% carbs. I can eat anywhere from 1000 calories to 2200 calories a day. My BMR is 1600 calories per day if that helps. Though fitday says I need 2500 without even exercising.


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        Missalex how much do you weigh and hav you any idea of your bodyfat level?


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          I was 158 the other day. Keep in mind I am 5'10". I have no idea what % I am. I have been lighter than this before yet a larger size. A few months ago I was tested on an electronic thing at 17 ish %. I have put on weight since then though.


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            2nd to Jedi's question, because it would be helpful to know how "heavier" you are.

            Also, so if I understand you correctly, you rarely eat lunch, right? So how often do you eat breakfast? Do you normally eat two meals a day?

            Are the days when you eat around 1000 calories more frequent than when you eat 2000?

            Your body can take a while to repair itself when it's been messed up.


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              This has been for the past month:

              Calories Eaten (Dec 11, 2009 - Jan 07, 2010)

              Grams Calories %-Cals

              Calories 1,783

              Fat 148.0 1,304 74 %

              Saturated 70.2 619 35 %

              Polyunsaturated 13.3 116 7 %

              Monounsaturated 50.3 442 25 %

              Carbohydrate 20.3 75 4 %

              Dietary Fiber 5.8

              Protein 94.0 389 22 %

              Alcohol 0.1 1 0 %

              Fat (74%) Carbs (4%)

              Protein (22%) Alcohol (0%)


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                I have been eating breakfast more recently since I have been out of school. Typically I try to only eat twice a day. Once school starts up I definitely only do twice a day. I eat breakfast probably about 3 times a week then. If I don't eat it then I may have a lunch at about 3 and dinner later or just wait til dinner. Yesterday I ate 3 times though which was weird for me.


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                  What do you weigh? And have you an estimate of your body fat percentage? Try estimating it here:


                  (Oops, cross-posted. Thanks for the answers. As a woman, if your body fat is 17%, YOU DON'T NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT! Sorry for shouting, but seriously, you don't. Learn to love the shape of your strong body, because it is amazing and beautiful!!! If you drop below 12% body fat, that'll be the reason for lack of menstruation. Give yourself a nice cushion and stay in the 15%-20% body fat range.)

                  If you are carrying excess weight, then I doubt your loss of period has anything to do with diet. A woman may stop cycling if she is exercising at elite-athlete levels, or if she is clinically underweight. But if neither of those are a possibility, hormonal issues are likely to blame.

                  How many years have you been cycling? Can you describe what your cycles were like up until they stopped? (Ie. how often and how long)

                  With missed periods and difficulty losing weight, I would ask to be worked up for polycystic ovary syndrome. It is very common. It is linked to insulin resistance too, so a Primal diet is one of the best things you can do to help yourself if you do have PCOS.

                  A more thorough thyroid workup to rule out hypothyroid would not hurt either. Hypothyroid can cause difficulty losing weight and it is another common cause of amenorrhea (lack of periods). You want to be tested for TSH, T3, and T4, for starters. Lots of docs order just TSH. That is a waste of time if hypothryoid is suspected, because lots of hypothyroid individuals have normal TSH.

                  Good luck figuring it out!


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                    I understand there are some ED issues here and you probably not going to want to hear that, but maybe there's a reason your body has put on weight even though you eat healthy. Maybe it naturally needs to be at that weight. You know, we're all different hormons-wise and 17% body fat sounds pretty darn good to me.

                    I also put on weight once I went primal, but I also put on muscle and feel so much better than I ever did before.


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                      That link said I have 24% body fat!


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                        Oh, also- I was on the pill for hormonal issues since I was 17. I stopped those about a year ago cause I got tired of paying for them. I don't know if that would do anything. I haven't gotten a period though since I stopped those as well.


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                          Wait, you need to recalibrate your expectations! 24% is considered an acceptable, fit body fat percentage for a woman.

                          And if you're not menstruating, 24% is a GOOD place to be, because it proves the problem isn't body fat. Your doctor won't be able to look at you and say, "Well, of course you're not menstruating! You need to gain fat!" Your doctor will have to look deeper to find the cause.


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                            True true.

                            I am just used to being a long distance runner in high school where girls were at 12-14%.


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                              What were the hormonal issues? Did you see a gynecologist for this, or was it handled by a primary care physician?

                              Call your doctor's office and ask for copies of all of your records, then go see a gynecologist. The Pill is a very common treatment for PCOS, so maybe PCOS was suspected at the time it was prescribed to you.