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    You could scan through old SNL's and find all of Phil Hartman's "Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer" skits.
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      Originally posted by Urban Forager View Post
      My husband is a big fan of Daniel Quinn so we will have to check out your recommendation of The Emerald Forest, thanks.
      Then I'm a big fan of your husband. Only awesome people appreciate Daniel Quinn. Fact.
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        Omg I just loled at encino man. BAHAHAHAHAHAHHABAHA LMAOOOO ROFL! that was actually on the other day. Haha I thoughht about watching just for a second. Lmao. But spartacus, not primal at all but so so many sweaty sexy half naked or fully naked men grappling and growling and....oh um...what was my point again? Hmmm lol!


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          Aww I love that bit in Last of the Mohicans where Hawkeye is running to catch up with the baddies. Him running up the steep boulders plus the stirring music, makes me wanna be a badass unstoppable trail runner.

          LOTR is like that too, when they fellowship is split and they go running off after the orcs that are going to Isengard. I'd love to be like Legolas and Aragorn but I fear I'm more like Gimli at the moment!

          I'll second 300 and add Troy, and all the good samurai films too! I love films with sword-fighting in. It's fun to think back on a time when being seriously badass was not only admirable but necessary to survival in brutal times. I can't think of any actual caveman movies off the top of my head, cos there aren't many of them, but I think ancient history stories can be just as inspiring as ones set in prehistory.

          I look round at most people today and I think how they wouldn't last long if the apocalypse came and we had to go back to caveman ways, and be badass like the movie stars. I wonder whether I could survive...?
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            What... no mention of the Hannibal Lecter movies yet?
            Cannibalism is actually pretty f*n primal!
            Bonus. Chianti is a red wine.
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              The Naked Prey is a good one to watch.

              Not primal, but, Zulu 1964 always leaves me going wow. Dudes in a serious situation, both flicks.
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                Two of my favorites that come to mind are:

                Jeremiah Johnson

                Does Crocodile Dundee qualify?
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                  Originally posted by Bioletti View Post
                  Does Crocodile Dundee qualify?
                  Sadly, yes. Yes, it does.
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                    Originally posted by RichMahogany View Post
                    Sadly, yes. Yes, it does.
                    G'day mate! Hey, I liked it even though it was corny, a guilty pleasure you might say? A much better reinterpretation of that film is Quigley Down Under.
                    "After all we did for Britain, selling all that corduroy and making it swing, and all we got was a bit of tin on a piece of leather, an MBE." --George Harrison