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Eating paleo during pregnancy?

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  • Eating paleo during pregnancy?

    Has anyone done paleo eating and had a successful, healthy pregnancy and baby?

    Hubby and I are trying for our third child, but I just started this paleo journey, and really don't want to go back to the SAD if I don't have to.

    By eating paleo, will I, and the fetus get enough nutrition? Would I need to take extra supplements? I don't think I would tell my doc that I am eating paleo, as I'm sure he would freak on me.

    Both of my girls were big at birth (9lb3oz and 10lb12oz) and I'm sure my high-carb diet at the time contributed to that. Throughout both pregnancies, I CRAVED white flour - pancakes, biscuits, cookies, etc. I ate them lots, but gained 35lb with my first and only 28lb with my second.

    How will I handle the weird pregnancy cravings? Do you get them while pregnant and eating paleo?
    Needing some accountability, so here's my stats:
    34yrs old, 5'5"
    CW: 163lbs (07/2014)
    GW: 135lbs or less
    Eating mainly paleo, but including a bit of white rice (don't call the Paleo Police!)

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    There's only about 140,000 years of evidence that what you call 'paleo' eating leads to successful birth.

    My only advice is to ignore any of the weightloss crowd and the low carb calls. Eat whatever macro you crave....carb, protein, fat.

    Secondly, the best-best-best way you can be nourished is by just eating animals and vegetation. That's meat, offal, fruits, and vegetables in other terms. This is basically the heart of 'paleo' and will give you the best sources for any type of food that you crave.


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      Yes, in fact, you will get the most excellent nutrition being paleo. there is a prego ladies thread around here.


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        There are tons of prego threads and they all have great information. Just do a search for "pregnancy"

        This link I got from one of the threads and I really like it. Zoebird-did you write the article? For some reason I think you did.

        I think the biggest thing to remember is your pregnant (as if you could really forget) and so, are, basically, weird. You might want to eat nothing but chicken breasts wrapped in bacon for days, then can't stand the sight of bacon for a month. You might eat oranges by the pound but can't stand the smell of garlic. You might crave Snicker bars-try and find a paleo substitute (in the recipe section there are TONS of chocolaty recipes that are just as good, if not better). And if you give in and eat a huge platter of nachos with fake cheese and corn tortillas don't beat yourself up. Stressing yourself out over food just isn't worth it. Try and get in lots of veggies and meat and you'll be fine. Bone broths are really good as well, plus the warmth and saltiness may help with queasy tummy.

        Congrats and good luck!
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          This link I got from one of the threads and I really like it. Zoebird-did you write the article? For some reason I think you did.
          I wrote the article (though for sure, Zoebird could have! )

          Blondie~ While you are TTC, I suggest eating as if you were pregnant already & adding some zinc to your diet, either through oysters once a week or with a zinc picolinate supplement. Zinc is essential to good fertility & a healthy baby (I need to update the article with my zinc info!)

          Also, if low carb works for you, it is just fine in pregnancy. No need to be low carb--different levels work for different people.
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            oops, sorry Dragonfly!!
            I love the article. I only wish I had found it (and MDA) before I had my kiddo. Oh well, now I know for #2 (that is, if we have more.)
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              We all know that paleo provides excellent nutrition to non-pregnant women. But if you're having a baby, you ought to go back to that crappy way of eating that's been proven to lack proper nutrients and to cause most of our health problems, just in case it's good only for fetuses somehow.
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                What was the final outcome? We're trying to conceive and I've been eating paleo for about two months. I'm wondering what your experience was.


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                  This is my first pregnancy and I'm currently at 23 weeks. My advice for anyone TTC is to really boost your superfood intake BEFORE you get pregnant, because eating primal is no guarantee that you'll avoid morning sickness. A lot of the most awesome primal foods made me retch until I hit ~12 weeks. I had plans to be eating pastured eggs, bone broth, FCLO, etc. Alas, my body had other ideas. And when you have morning sickness, you can't mind-over-matter it. If your body doesn't want pastured eggs, then it doesn't matter even if you force yourself to eat them. You're gonna puke them up, end of story. The few things I was able to stomach were mostly dairy and some fruit. So whole milk, cheese, butter, vanilla ice cream, applesauce, bananas and white rice were my saviors. A little low on the protein side, but it's hard to argue with mother nature when she has can hit the eject button on any food she chooses!


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                    I think the best pregnancy nutrition advice comes from Sally Fallon Morrel of Weston A Price origin. Fats and offal and dairy and eggs being favored over plant matter. Pregnancy nutrients are critical and I'm not sure the general term "paleo" is going to get specific enough for your needs. I think the human body can carry a baby to term on a myriad of nutrient deficient diets- but with the right diet you can grow a baby with wide beautiful features and a wide enough pallets to grow big perfectly aligned teeth that resist decay. That has been my first hand experience with the Weston A Price style pregnancy diet. Highly recommend putting "paleo diet" on the back burner till after you're finished nursing even. Not suggesting a return to SAD of course.

                    Check this out:The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby & Child Care