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Anyone play video games?

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    I'm in the same boat, Tercio. I didn't play D1, but I really feel like they messed up a lot of the great stuff D2 had when they made D3 and tried to "improve" it. I hope MoP comes soon, I'm barely playing WoW now either, and feeling like the 1 yr membership to get D3 was a huge waste.
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      Originally posted by verdilak View Post
      I have a 360 and a PS2, I love playing the games, but my favorite are tabletop rpgs like D&D and whatnot. Rolling dice, improv, thats my kind of fun.
      That and Ameritrash boardgames. Great stuff for night longs with alcohol friends and bacon

      But the PC is my toy too. Mass effect series one of my favorits. Played D3 but it sucks. At the moment i watch Veronica Mars all Seasons but than maybe i gonna start with fallout 1 again.