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New Year -- New Diet Ads

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  • New Year -- New Diet Ads

    Well it's the first of the year and of course the amount of diet/exercise/gym ads have multiplied. I've seen a few recently that made me laugh-- especially knowing what I know now.

    There were two this morning. The first was an ad for soup (Progresso I think? I don't know I never remember the product!) talking about how people choose their lean foods blindfolded. then showing these women selecting their microwave mini meals and exclaiming about the 350 calories and 8 grams of fat!! Oh no!! Enter the soup-- only 80 calories and no fat! Yay!

    The second was an add for the "drive thru diet". I had to do a double take to make sure I hadn't switched to comedy central. This woman wanted to lose weight-- but wasn't going to give up her fast food, no way! So she started eating the "fresca" foods at Taco Bell, lost a lot of weight and is now a happy consumer! Yay! There's a website too...

    It makes me laugh and cry at the same time...

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    The sad part is we wouldn't consider, for example, a Subway Turkey Sub and a bag of Baked Lays healthy, but for most Americans, it'd be a huge step forward.


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      Boxing Day - leaflet through the door advertising a new Slimming World club up the road.

      As for TV - Martine McCutcheon doing "Activia". Yeuch!


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        I have to laugh at ads for:



        5-hour Energy (with the "active" lifestyle guy who just can't be slowed down by "those other" energy drinks while biking and hiking)

        The new workout series with the "world renowned" fitness instructor (never heard of her) that shows people only doing pathetic little spot exercises, but showcases the instructor's abs throughout so people will be inclined to buy.

        The Yoplait commercial where a lady is talking on the phone about all the great stuff she gets to eat every day, the husband is eavesdropping and rifling through the fridge, only to realize it's multiple flavors of yogurt she's talking about. "And I've already lost weight after just a couple of days!"

        So sad.