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Free range pork and lamb

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  • Free range pork and lamb

    I collected half a hogget yesterday (hogget being lamb around 18 months / 2 years old) and was shown around the farm. Bliss! The sheep are badger faced welsh sheep - all roaming about happily in the sunshine., And the pigs! Several rare breed pigs, rummaging about in the open, with over an acre of woodland to play in, a big stream for splashing in, fresh wild apples dropping off the trees to eat, acorns and brambles. These were HAPPY PIGS!

    And the bit that got me - when we reached the woodland area, there were no animals to be seen. The lady showing me round called the pigs by name - and a minute later, they galloped through the trees and lined up, twitching their noses and snorting at us!

    Cost me 95 for 10 kilos of meat - shoulder, leg, loads of chops, rack of lamb (well - hogget!), mince, kidneys etc. No liver but she'll get the liver for me next order.

    I'm a happy chappy having found such a good source of meat! And the freezer can easily take more....

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    The lamb was just the best ever. If there any UK Sussex / Surrey ? Hampshire people on here who want the link, I'll be pleased to give it.

    Haven't treid her pork yet but if it is as good as the lamb - I'm a convert!