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    I have been on the primal diet for 4 months now and have lost 27 lbs sofar, down from 207 lbs., and very happy about that. However, my recent lab results showed my total cholesterol (262) non-hdlc (215) and ldp (199) higher that 2 years ago. my chol/hdl ratio is now 5.6. My triglycerides was lower however, at 86 , down from 188. Is it going to take longer to adapt metabolically and/or what could be going on? thanks, jim

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    As you lose weight you may find you HDL goes down, LDL and trigs go up. This happens because your body fat stores are being mobilised. Of all them, triglyercides is perhaps the key biomarker in heart disease and since it's going down I wouldn't worry. Wait until you stop losing weight, then wait a further few weeks to get remeasured.


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      Triglycerides going down sharply like that is the best thing that could possibly happen in terms of CVD risk. I definitely wouldn't worry. Once you're done dropping weight, then you can start obsessing over your numbers, but your body's going to do some funny stuff while you heal.
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