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Happy autumnal equinox!

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  • Happy autumnal equinox!

    Just wanted to wish everyone in the northern hemisphere a very happy autumnal equinox, which occurred at 9:04am this morning (UTC).

    Hope you enjoyed the last rays of the summer sun, and good luck finding the best of the harvest vegetables at your local farmer's market.

    Anybody doing anything special to mark the occasion?

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    I'm making a roast pork loin with apples with fresh tomatoes, and broccoli on the side. Everything but the meat is from my garden and will be picked right before cooking. Now if only I could have piggies in the backyard Maybe once the kiddo is in bed sit outside and relax, watch the stars come out and look for new constellations. Lately Jupiter has been really bright and clear. (At least, I think its Jupiter.) What are your plans?

    Happy Equinox!
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      That sounds wonderful, Kaylee! Equinoxes and solstices were important times for our ancestors. It's nice to see people still honoring them.

      I paid my respects to the sun this afternoon when I went to the park to bask in its rays, knowing they won't be the same until March of next year. Later this evening I will go for a walk with my two-year-old as the cool tendrils of fall begin to blow in.


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        Heading into spring down here, and thrilled about it. Gorgeous day today! enjoying a bit of indoor time while we prep to head out of doors for the afternoon!


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          Happy autumnal equinox to you too. Not doing anything special.
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