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Going Primal with a J-Pouch and Pancreas Issues

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  • Going Primal with a J-Pouch and Pancreas Issues

    Hi everyone! I'm obviously new and in need of some advice or insight as to what has worked! My doctor has recommend going primal as the "only" way to get my inflammatory issues under control. I've had Ulcerative Colitis since 1998. After my first bout, I stayed in remission until my third trimester of pregnancy when it flared, consumed my colon and eventually won the battle. I had it removed in 2008 with a reversal done several months later and have been living with a J-Pouch since. That all went GREAT until a year ago when pouchitis required antibiotics which seemed to cause (NO ONE KNOWS WHY), pancreatitis which led to a stricture which led to poor pancreatic functioning and a dependency on pancreatic enyzmes along with ongoing pouchitis flares and kidney stones due to dehydration. So. . .I wondering if anyone has had luck with the primal diet and any or all of these joyful issues. I can't tolerate fruits and veggies very well. I'm concerned about the higher fat intake with the pancreas. But I KNOW that my diet will make a difference. I've done the Maker's Diet for three weeks now with no luck. That said, my family is now removed all grains and processed foods. We've cleaned out the pantry. We're cooking all the time. I'm ready for the next step.

    Thanks for listening and any suggestions you may have!