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Losing weight but gaining inches

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  • Losing weight but gaining inches

    for the first six weeks after I started Crossfit and Primal Blueprint eating, I lost a ton of inches but no weight. I understand how that happens. For the next 5 weeks, I have lost nine pounds but only 2 inches. Actually only one inch because I have gained a half inch in my navel area each week for past two weeks. This week I am down two pounds but gained a half inch in navel and no other measurements are different. Last week was the same -lost 2 but gained 1/2 inch.

    My typical eating:
    B: 2-3 eggs cooked in butter, 2 slices bacon, peppers and onions (or other veggies)
    L: hamburger patty and lots of raw veggies or leftovers
    D: meat, veggies, occasionally a sweet potato or fruit ( i try to do the latter only when I workout)

    I have two cheats in the past month (over this past weekend) - hot wings which had some flour (was stuck at a buffet and that was the best choice and I had skipped breakfast so was starved and couldnt' keep IFing) and some popcorn (it's my 80% that I do twice a month). I would say it was just carb bloat if was just this week but I had not cheated at all the week prior when same thing happened.

    I occasionally do nuts when I am trapped out and can't get home to run errands. I try to keep dairy to cream in my coffee and cheese on days I have to do a picnic type lunch. I was doing a lot of Greek Yogurt and fruit but cut it out to see if it would get scale moving.

    According to FitDay, I am averaging 1400-1600 calories. I am getting about 100-11g of protein and 50-80 grams of carbs.

    I am 5'6" and now weight 145 but basically the same measurements I was at 154. My pictures of 154 to 154 (LOL) but lots of loss are in picture thread. That was amazing.

    I do Cross Fit 3-4 times a week.
    I hike 2-5 miles five times a week -very slow pace. (1-2 hours)
    I swordfight once a week

    I'm off Cross Fit and Swords this week because of some shoulder tendonitis and it was my 11th week since I started and I was supposed to rests on the 12th anyway. I am still hiking and have been doing on the higher end of milage to compensate for not doing the more intense stuff. In past 3 weeks, I have had some major gains in my CrossFit. I have gone from push pressing 6 pounds to 30 pounds at 6 rounds, 12 reps, etc.

    **And no it's not TOM -that was the week prior to this happening.
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    Adrenal issues due to overtraining? This will cause you to have chronically elevated cortisol levels and no matter what you do, you will gain fat in the midsection.

    Try dialing back the training volume for a week or two and let your body recover?