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how do you suppose to feel when first starting primal?

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  • how do you suppose to feel when first starting primal?

    yesterday ive eaten primal and nothing else(though it wasnt a perfect menu mostly i avoided the problematic foods).
    today i feel pretty weak and light headed. the thing is i also have fibromyalgia pains so im already weak for years.
    ive started taking t3 medications a week+ ago, so it may be it yet i didnt feel much change or bad affects of the t3 untill i started yesterday + i didnt change the dose much yesterday.

    is it possible im feeling it because of 24+- hours without the things i avoided? (sugar, grains ect?) can it work so fast?
    im feeling alot of cravings for sweat also.....
    i want to be sure its the diet and nothing else.

    so how you suppose to feel the first day of going this way, or most importantely avoiding the bad things?

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    If you cut back a lot on sugar and grains, your blood sugar will be funky and you will definitely have cravings while your body adjusts. You might feel like you have the flu, be achy, tired, irritable, or cold. This is your body being low on fuel, because it has not yet up-regulated the enzymes and pathways that burn body fat. It might take a few days or even a couple of weeks for these feelings to go away completely, but stick it out. The results are totally worth it. You should feel a gradual improvement as your body revs up its fat metabolism.

    P.S. Yes, the symptoms can and do start from the first day of the change, especially if you go cold-turkey.
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      Originally posted by talper View Post
      so how you suppose to feel the first day of going this way, or most importantely avoiding the bad things?
      While there are common patterns, it's also depends on the individual—and, in your case, as you have a particular condition you might be different from others.

      As has already been said, changing from sugar-burning to fat-burning can take some time—and elicit some unwelcome effects (specially if you don't drink enough fluids and take enough salt):

      The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D. Tips & tricks for starting (or restarting) low-carb Pt II

      That would go for anyone.

      As I understand it, even taking probiotics or taking too much in the way of fermented foods can be a problem with fibromyalgia. The GAPS site says (see question 6):

      People suffering from ME, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and some other debilitating conditions often have difficulties introducing probiotics. The reason for that is the die-off effect: it is so severe in this group of patients that they find it very difficult to cope with. Just start from a tiny amount and go up very slowly. I have patients who start from 1/18th of a capsule of the Bio-Kult (or as much powder as would fit on the end of a sharp knife), and it takes them months to get up to one capsule per day. The same with fermented foods, start from a tiny amount per 5-7 days; as your body gets used to that amount, start taking it a bit more frequently. When you can take that tiny amount every day, start increasing the dose. Proceed in this very slow manner. It is important for you to introduce probiotics in the form of food or supplement. You just have to go slowly.
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      I'd take things cautiously.

      If you're dropping the bad stuff, you're on the right lines. The cravings could be on account of the wheat. The breakdown of wheat proteins, believe it or not, actually results in morphine-like substances that bind to the opiate receptors in the brain. People coming off wheat can, literally, have withdrawal symptoms.


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        Sorry for hijacking the thread, but I am in a similar boat as the OP. I have sort of started and stopped pure primal a couple of times because of it. My family all have a sort of deranged relationship with sugars, some are alcoholics (thankfully not me), what appears to be metabolic syndrome, diabetes or just funky mood/energy swings. Of course the Dr's have never diagnosed any of us with anything other than just the alcoholism (which they consider a metal weakness thing, not something that can be treated with diet or else...). I have read all the science and primal MAKES SENSE! But I am wondering... if I have a weird sensitivity to sugar, if my body reacts even more strongly to the remove of starch and sugar from my diet... making the "withdrawl" worse...

        So how can I make it easier on myself so that I don't feel sick for weeks? Any tips? I have tried "stepping" it down... be all of my family seems so sensitive to the sugar... if I have just a "bit" I go all hay wire and MUST CONSUME ALL STARCH on sight. To my mind there must be a connection between sugar, alcohol abuse and "starchy food abuse"... as I call it. Can someone recommend some supplements, tricks? The Dr think's I am nuts for suggesting that everyone in my family probably has a problem with sugar... I have always been told that I am weak and that is my problem!


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          guys-instead of openning a new thread i will use this:
          ive bought a 75$ dark chocolate, and notest it includes "sugar".
          reading on wikipedia i undertand most dark chocolate containes sugar but in lower doses as the cocoa % gets higher.
          thought a few days ago i got lindtt chocolate(85) which stated "sugar cane".
          also the chocolate i got today stated sugar as first ingredient...isnt its a little contradictory for a 75%?