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Sharp neck/shoulder pain linked to magnesium?

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  • Sharp neck/shoulder pain linked to magnesium?

    I started supplementing with Mg oxide (250 mg) last Mon., and later on in the day developed a sharp neck/shoulder pain, it felt like I had slept badly on my neck, but it wasn't hurting when I woke up, just later on in the day. I attributed it to overzealous reverse butterflies since I'd lifted weights on Sun., but found it odd that I didn't wake up feeling that way. It was really painful, like deep in the muscle and I had a hard time moving my neck and shoulder, I iced it twice and took some Tylenol, and next morning I woke up and felt as good as new. Same thing happened on Fri. though (I did some more weight lifting on Thurs. am), I woke up fine, but it started in the morning and got worse and worse as the day wore on, it's so bad that I could barely sleep on Fri. and Sat. despite icing it and taking more Tylenol.

    Today I realized it started the same day I took the Mg, so I didn't take any today and it does feel better. I also realize that it could be the weight lifting, but I've been doing pretty much the same routine for a year and not had any problems. I didn't up my weights either. Is there any possibility that my muscle pain is connected to the Mg? Anyone ever had a similar experience?

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    Magnesium usually gets rid of cramps and muscle pains, I haven't heard of anyone getting pains from it. It sounds like it could just be your workout.

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      Well, turns out I have a nasty virus, I went to the dr. today and she thinks my neck stiffness/pain was caused by that. Just got to wait it out and hope it gets better soon.