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  • Paleo and Pregnancy

    My daughter is in the first trimester of her first pregnancy. Are there any suggestions of what she can snack on besides traditional crackers to keep the nausea at bay?

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    Congrats to the family!

    Here's a guest post I wrote on Primal Pregnancy that may be helpful:
    Is It Healthy to Live a Primal Lifestyle While Pregnant? | Primal Toad

    If you do a search on the forum for pregnancy, there are a fair number of threads on the topic, as well.
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      Also, see the latest Underground Wellnness podcast with Chris Kresser:

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        Hi Barbie, I'm 16 weeks now, and still get nauseous! I snack on almonds, macadamia nuts, anything crunchy and a little carby. Laughing Giraffe makes a coconut "snackaroon" that's perfect for on-the-go, but I bet you could make something similar at home. Ginger really helps - ginger tea, natural ginger ale (look for Reed's, it's made with apple juice/sparkling water and no sugar) or ginger + b6 supplements.

        The trick is to get something in your stomach as soon as you wake up... sometimes I've eaten in bed! Otherwise you're in for it bad. And eat small meals and snacks throughout the day to keep your stomach from emptying... My nausea ended up as hyperemesis, so I'm now on medication, but still using primal strategies to help.

        Finally, it's okay if your daughter needs to break primal once in a while. I've given in to Rice Krispies. The baby and I are still alive and well! Sometimes when you're sick you've just got to eat whatever you can keep in your stomach.


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          I found sour things to help. Grapefruit, or lemon juice in water is what I found most helpful. Congrats to your family!
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            I say: eat what works! For me, it was a few weeks of bread and cereal. I couldn't find any paleo foods that helped with the nausea. I also found that low carb did NOT work for me...make me feel super sick by the end of the day. I added more fruit as well as rice and potato back into the rotation and feel SOOOOOOOOOO much better.

            And, as Hailey says, eating as soon as I got up really helped as well. And I used to be a daily breakfast skipper!
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              Dry almonds were my favorite. And, never skipping breakfast!