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Desperately seeking help with Ulcertive Colitis....

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  • Desperately seeking help with Ulcertive Colitis....

    3 months Paleo and my Ulcerate Proctitis is out of control. I started out with the strict Auto Immune protocol and have since backed off a little. I have had over 6 episodes or attacks characterized by white creamy discharge pre poop... Previous to Paleo, I had 3 attacks over 3 years and I could attribute them to excess coffee consumption. Now it seems I am ultra-sensitive or reactive!?
    Cutting to the point, what is going on here with me?? I can not get a grasp on why this is the new norm for me? Upon recommendation, I have cut my greens and other veg down as my carb source and upped my squash and sweet potato as my source.
    If you could please help or assist I would be indebted greatly!

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    I have UC and find fiber is not my friend when the disease is active. Also, beans/legumes, grains (except white rice is ok), but I don't have trouble with greens.

    My suggestion is to go to the diet that you do best on, as limited as you can live with, start with just a few non-reactive foods, then add a food every 2 weeks or so (give your body time to react) until you can pin down what does not agree with you. I have an uncle who also has UC and his tolerances are different than mine. He has trouble with drinking alcohol (of course he does drink way more than I do so it may be a quantity issue here) both of us have had the most trouble with a strict vegetarian diet.

    I assume you are in communication with your doc and are taking medication as well (sometimes there is a definite place for conventional medicine)
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      Have you considered trying full-on carnivory for a while? Meats are probably the least gut-irritating foods around AFAIK. It might give your system a chance to heal up and get in a little better shape for eventual reintroduction of some other foods.

      If you do, make sure you're eating some offal as well since muscle meats aren't a totally complete food source on their own.

      Just a thought, I know it works for Peggy and a few others.
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        Originally posted by Duckmanfoo View Post
        Upon recommendation, I have ... upped my squash and sweet potato ...
        That might be your problem there. Some diets aimed at helping people with severe gut conditions make a special point of cutting out all hard-to-digest sugars (principally, table-sugar) and all hard-to-digest starches (in effect most of them).

        I'm thinking specifically of the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and the GAPS Diet. I'd take a look at the GAPS protocol:

        GAPS Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) - Natural treatment for autism, ADHD/ADD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, depression and schizophrenia

        Gut and Psychology Syndrome | GAPS Diet

        That's basically similar to the SCD with a bit of a WAPF twist thrown in. Almost the only carbohydrates allowed are above ground vegetables (what you just cut out or down on!) and fruit, the former probably because it's not very high in carbohydrate, the latter because the carbohydrates that are found in it are mostly simple sugars that are easily broken down.

        I'd try that. Besides the specific exclusions, the GAPS Diet also puts great store in gut-heaing foods, such as home-made gelatine-rich broth, and supplementation with friendly bacteria.

        Stuff like sweet potatoes are fine if you haven't got gut dysbiosis. If you have, they're best avoided temporarily (which may mean up to two years).

        You just made yourself worse by cutting out leafy greens and suchlike and eating more starchy food instead. I suggest your answer is there. And the theory behind the GAPS Diet almost certainly explains why that kind of thing happens when it does.


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          The Ulcerative Colitis and Proctitis recommendations are gluten free, low fat, low red meat, low poultry... Complete opposite to Paleo, asides for the g-free...
          I ordered the GAPS book as I want to do the best for my new baby too!

          I will try to get off the high volume of squash and potatoes and get back on the cooked veg and potato as my carb....

          The Proctitis Pages good resource....
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            If you are gluten free, low fat, low red meat, low poultry, what is left?

            p.s. I would suggest you make your own list, similar to the one in your link. Mine would be quite a bit different than that one and closer to primal. In fact is mostly meat, with a decent amount of veggies. I do think the idea of a short fast to give your intestines a break on occasion is probably not a bad idea.

            p.p.s. are you pregnant or just delivered? My UC showed up during my 2nd pregnancy (also had a colon cancer discovered here) and got progressively worse after delivery. And then about 2 years later calmed down and I have not had a serious return of symptoms since, 16 years now.
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            "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It is about learning to dance in the rain."

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            My "Program": doing my version of a 4:3 - 3 day fast diet with real food every day, with a little twist of anti-inflammatory mixed in.


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              Have you given up >>ALL<< grains? Cardiologist Dr. Wm Davis in his new book, Wheat Belly explains why grains of any kind causes nasty bowel problems. This means no bread, no oatmeal, no cupcakes, no spaghetti, noodles, cereals, etc. ZERO GRAINS in your diet is essential. NO CHEATING.



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                Originally posted by demuralist View Post
                If you are gluten free, low fat, low red meat, low poutry, what is left?
                Good post. It's always an interesting question "If you cut A, B, C out, what's left?"

                However, I guess the answer to that specific question would be all non-gluten containing grains, all pulses, all vegetables, all fruit, all fish, and all shellfish.

                But I'm sceptical. I do wonder if people tend to chuck out red meat and (most) poultry because everyone pays too much attention to the Diet-Heart Hypothesis—and (perhaps) because our culture is incipiently vegetarian. I wonder, did the people who put up those recommendations rigorously test? ...

                On the other side of the matter, I'm not convinced everything that would be "left in" by that regimen should be. If hard-to-digest starches are problematic—and there seems good evidence that they can be—then maybe most pulses and all (even non-gluten-containing) grains should be out. (So should most root-veg—potatoes, sweet potatoes, parsnips, etc.)

                My best guess currently for digestive problems would be eat fairly freely of meat (specially if non-intensively reared and grass-fed)—and don't overcook it. Fish and shellfish are good—specially if wild-caught (again, don't overcook it). Probably all grains and almost all pulses should, however, be eliminated. Above-ground vegetables and fruits are mostly OK but should be organic if possible. Dairy (if tolerated) should be (well) fermented. Take a good quality probiotic. Drink homemade gelatine-rich broths regularly.

                I guess that's GAPS in a nutshell. It does seem to work.
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                  We have pretty much been grain free both prior to Paleo with exception to the breakfasts. We would have oatmeal, steel cut oatmeal, buckwheat cereal, rice cereal for breakfasts all in the past. No issues...

                  Prior to Paleo, we ate very "clean". None of the prepped deserts or prepped garb listed above except for the odd occasion. We prepped our own meals and eat to this day 90% organic.

                  Since switching to Paleo and considerably upping the fat contents, the attacks are running rampant. The fat volume is the only real change...

                  Prior to Paleo, I could tolerate a few coffee and Bailey's - my one treat in life. No issues.
                  Now, coffee and Bailey's - next day attack and symptoms.

                  I am staying off the grains and will see what happens.


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                    Another vote for GAPS.


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                      From my own experience, anything that CW said to eat to reduce constipation was a total no go. That is basically grains and beans, and coffee can have that effect as well.

                      But the thing most likely to throw me into a relapse is either a medication or a stress. Did you change exercise habits or did something else change about the time that you switched? Also just making a switch could be enough to trigger a relapse. How much fat did you increase it by?

                      I think the best thing to do is to start a journal. Write down what you eat and include particulars about your bm's the number as well as any other particulars. Keep consistent for at least a week, this does not flip like a switch. Then change 1 thing and monitor it for a while, then change another. If you change a bunch of stuff at the same time you are not going to know what has a negative effect on you. I would not suggest taking any OTC medication or supplement unless you talked to your doctor. If you don't have one you can talk to or whose advice you can trust then get a new one.
                      "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It is about learning to dance in the rain."

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                      My "Program": doing my version of a 4:3 - 3 day fast diet with real food every day, with a little twist of anti-inflammatory mixed in.


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                        Book is in the mail!


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                          If high fat is causing you an issue, lower the fat a little bit. You may find some fruit is easier to handle. Play around within the primal guidelines to determine what works for you.

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