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The primal blueprint and asthma

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  • The primal blueprint and asthma

    Hello all,

    I just wondered if anyone here has any experience with asthma and the effects of the primal lifestyle upon it? Reason I'm wondering is because a family member is suffering from it. But before motivating him to try this lifestyle I want to know if any great relieve of symptoms can be found by following this...

    As always, thanks in advance

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    I dug up some links for a friend with COPD, who was recently diagnosed with asthma:

    Primal diet for exercise-induced coughing

    Link between consumption of processed meats & COPD
    Sodium Nitrite in Meat | Mark's Daily Apple

    Primal success story: able to stop asthma meds
    Primal Blueprint Success Story: More Like Grok | Mark's Daily Apple

    Breathing-related Primal success story II
    100 Pounds Was My Initial Goal | Mark's Daily Apple

    Hope these help!


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      very much so. I passed on the most interesting (not to mention extraordinary) bit and links.

      thank you very much,



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        I went off grains on a recommendation that it might help the acid reflux I was having. Fixed it! After a while I notice my asthma improving. After 4 months primal I discontinued THIRTY YEARS of asthma treatments. I can run for miles without meds now.

        So yeah... it might help a little. :-)

        (I'm really enjoying this whole "breathing" thing.)
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          I'm 39 years old and for the first time in my life I can RUN and I haven't had to use my inhaler for months (Primal since March 2011). I've now run a mile 4 different times during Crossfit workouts, whereas before going Primal I could not have made it to the end of the block without taking a puff and feeling miserable for the rest of the day. Prior to Primal I would not have even dreamed of being able to do Crossfit, too.


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            wow! this is much, much more WIN than i could have even dreamed of reading. thank you both guys, your experiences have been passed on.


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              I have read time and again that Teddy Roosevelt had debilitating asthma as a child and undertook exercise to build up his chest muscles (obvious in pictures) and that this essentially eliminated the symptoms. I've not heard of any other instance of this. He was somewhat maniacal about it.
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                Asthmatic all my life - until about 4 weeks after going primal. Two years now since I stopped inhaled steroids, and I can now walk MILES. even up hill - which used to bring on wheezing instantly.

                I feel WELL!!!! And Blood pressure is down too.


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                  I ran into the same issue, not a lot of clear Asthma information available. Each Asthmatic must find what triggers their symptoms. Some is allergy induced, whereas, some are adrenal function. However, since you're taking Singular, your asthma is allergy induced, same as mine. Through my own studies I found that Asthma is a immune disorder. Your body does not fight bacteria or infection very well. Other diseases are very similar such as Multiple Sclerosis.

                  Brief Asthma Background: Been taking Albuterol inhaler every 10 days for 25 years. I have had been hospitalized for weeks at a time on multiple occasions.

                  The paleo diet will clear your mind and help you seek the inner support to change from within. You are addicted to your inhaler. Everytime your chest gets tight you think of your inhaler. I have been there.

                  The supplements that helped me are:

                  Magnessium oxide: BRAND: Mag400rx - I dip two pills every 4-6 hrs. It calms the lungs and body.
                  Mullien: Will help you kill bacteria and fungis that sits in the bottom of our lungs.
                  Vitamin C and A: These will help your body cleanse itself of bacteria daily. min 10,000 milligrams per day.

                  For asthma attacks I use: Badger (Aromatic Chest Rub) I do breathing exercises with beard and chest coated. 3 to 4 mins. and Im great.

                  Foods: Onions, Garlic, pineapple, ect...

                  I recommend this book: Prescription for Nutritional Healing. This book has been around for 30 years and updated every so often.

                  More questions? Please direct to my new facebook community page.