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Would you eat cooked chicken 7 days later?

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  • Would you eat cooked chicken 7 days later?

    We had dinner at my parents' last Sat. night (one week ago), and they sent us home with a large serving of chicken parmesan (primal because it has no breading, etc.). We stuck it in the far back of the fridge which is colder (not frozen though) than rest of fridge and forgot about it.

    We want to eat it for dinner tonight. It looks fine (not slimy or weird in any way) and SMELLS fine.

    I googled it and got 4 days, but is that overzealous?

    Would you eat it?

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    No I would not eat it but then again my sister would. She thinks I'm nuts.

    It also means that we hardly ever waste anything since she'll eat if I won't.


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      I decided to toss it, but I feel SO wasteful. I feel pretty certain it's FINE, but I don't want to risk the possibility it could be bad. Ugh. Wish I had remembered it a few days ago. Thanks.

      Also, I often cook a lot of chicken on a Sunday and take it for lunches all week (M-F). Have never been sick yet from that. But maybe a whole 7 days is too long.
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        I'll eat anything that passes the sniff test
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          I would have tossed it too. Seven days seems a long time for unfrozen cooked chicken, no matter how it smells.
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              I would have, but I've been told I have an iron stomach (which incidentally I think is because I take overzealous food safety warnings with a grain of salt). If Grok thought something smelled fine I'm sure he would have eaten it.....


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                I wouldn't eat it, but you toss after 3 days in a professional kitchen.

                Eat it, you'll either be fine, or shitting up a storm. YMMV. It will definitely be a lesson for next time.
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                  I roasted a chicken, and was in the same dilemma. It smelled fine, it looked fine, it wasn't slimey at all. Then, I cut into it. NOT fine. Like, really not ok. I'd be worried that the ok-ness of your chicken would be masked by what was on it. I felt so wasteful as well, but its not worth getting sick over.
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                    I've eaten rotten food plenty. If you rubbed it into an open wound, expect trouble. But if you're just eating it, probably not an issue. Unless you're my brother-in-law. He can leave a hotdog out for a few hours and it gets him food poisoning!
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                      With me and chicken, 5 days max. Beef, about 7 days, depending on the "sniff" of it. Raw beef, only 3 days because it starts smelling different after that. Yes, I LOVE raw beef!!! I have eaten raw beef since I was a kid, my mom ate raw beef as my grandfather did too. I have only had food poisoning once in my life too. That was from a restaurant when I was 12 years old.
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                        Thanks everyone - interesting how everyone's answer is a bit different. Gweebles, I'm interested in how you eat raw beef? Tartar? Or just slices of steak or what? Living in Germany as a kid, I remember how much my parents loved chopped raw steak tartar - I never tried it though.
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                          I wouldn't eat it, but I would give it to my sled dogs. I figure if they'd eat a rotten dead thing in the yard, something that close to fresh is ok. They've never gotten sick yet


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                            I just slice up whatever is in the fridge and chomp it. I like it cold though, warm raw meat is too close to taking a bite out of a live cow..shudder....
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                              Just plain chicken would probably be ok. "Parmesan" implies milk products involved in the cooking. Ditch it for sure.