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    Last year my blood test was good, the LDLs were slightly elevated and the HDLs were in the good range. This year was much better.
    In my doctors words, he said my my results were superb.
    The only change in my lift style was I'm now getting off my butt and walking about a mile a day, sometimes more sometimes less and then theres the tabata sprints on my nodic track ski machine. At 63 I feel I'm on top of the world.
    Still have 30 lbs to loose, I plan on being there this time next year.

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    Good job! Keep confounding your doctor!
    "Wait! I'll fix it!"
    "Problems always disappear in the presence of a technician."
    "If you can't improvise, what are you doing out in the field?"


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      Have you had a CT scan of the heart or a VAP or NMR LipoProfile test? It's the only way to know whats truly going on in your heart or your blood. Half the people who die of heart attacks have normal or "better" cholesterol numbers, so don't be lulled into a sense of false reassurance. A CT heart scan is not covered by insurance but costs $100-125, well worth to see if there is any calcification in your heart, a true measure of disease.


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        The Doc does do ECG, and that turned out great too. Which is rather good, I do have history of some impairment including atrial fibrillation. When I had the started going to see my heart doc he put me through a whole battery of test including a nuclear heart scan and a ultrasound image. All turned out good. It's been almost a year since I've had a AR episode, and that one was mild compared to the others.
        Amazing what eating primal and a little walking can do.
        More bacon and eggs for breakfast.


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          Originally posted by Blackbird View Post
          Good job! Keep confounding your doctor!
          I told my primary doc my goal was to get off the meds and he promptly said don't be to hasty. CW.