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  • just cant get started


    I will try not to ramble.

    I stumbled onto Primal Fitness and Marksdailyapple by accident about two months ago. I read PBF and the Primal Blueprint. I believe in all (ok almost) everything that I have read.

    I am attempting to go primal, but I am having difficulty. I want to get on this and stay, because I am a diabetic and the endo is threatening INSULIN. I know she cant force me to do that. I am already poking myself to take readings I certainly dont want another. She agrees that insulin is bad but high blood sugar is bad also.

    Got a wife and kids who think that this is another of my fads. Not that they are stopping me, i dont need help for that.

    I go all day most days eating as primal as possible, keeping off grains and keeping carbs down. This keeps my blood sugar down (it works), but I am not comfortable with my blood sugar being in the normal range. I feel like I am low (i fight for a while) but at some point I grab and eat anything non-primal snacks, ice cream, crackers, ...... and not just a little.

    I eat until my low blood sugar goes away about 10-15 minutes but buy then i have eaten thousands of carbs.

    I am tracking my food intake (even though i dont want to track this stuff). My BMR is supposed to be somewere around 2400 and eating primal I have only been eating (even with the cheats) 2200. I dont see any change.

    I managed two and a half days this time but at a party there were cookies and I must have eaten a tray or two of them in a couple of hours.

    HELP. Has anybody had this problem. I hear, sorry read all the great success stories, and they all seem like it was easy. but it aint for me.

    If i keep eating this way the numbers are never going to come down (blood sugar, weight, fat).....

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    low-carb is never easy... primal is not as low carb as say, atkins, but it is still way below the standard american diet. The only way to get past that craving point... is to just power through it... do whatever you can to avoid those foods for a few days... hell... lock yourself in your bedroom for 24 hours if that will keep you away from the carbs. it does go away... it just takes a mighty amount of willpower the first time. but, once you do it... you can do it again and again if you need to. your mind will accept what your body is telling it.


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      do you think you might be a compulsive eater? if so, a group like OA might help.


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        It is definitely NOT easy. I have been known to frequently eat thousands of calories of sweets in one sitting. I know how you feel. Don't give up though. This is not a fad, this is how we're supposed to eat. Here are some things that help me....

        1) Always have some tasty gum nearby (low to no sugar). Whenever the cravings hit, pop in some gum. For me this seems to eliminate oral fixation. I know that sounds ludicrous but it helps me.
        2) Eat massive quantities of vegetables. I eat entire bags of lettuce, collards, kale, etc in one day. You can't eat too much of the stuff and it helps me stay away from the sugars.
        3) As I've discovered through the help of people following my journal, eat more fat. Figure out what works for your body. It is going to take time. Somehow you will find a way to wean those sugar cravings away by altering your consumption and learning from how your body reacts.
        4) Start a food journal on here if you haven't already. It is much more motivating than having an isolated personal food journal.

        I hope this helps. Everyone is different, but I don't think many of us with sugar cravings found the battle to be easy.


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          I suggest you QUIT the Paleo program. Wait until you develop all the health problems caused by wheat, as detailed in the book, Wheat Belly by Cardiologist Dr. Wm Davis: Health problems discussed in his book
          * Heart disease
          * Severe joint pains - My son cured this by getting off of wheat
          * Debilitating, crippling Arthritis
          * Diabetes, amputate a leg
          * Obesity
          * Glaucoma
          * Colostomy Bag - YES Wheat can destroy your bowels
          * Mental Disorders
          * much more - every organ in the body is adversely affected by wheat long term

          When you have reached ROCK BOTTOM, then you might be motivated to stay on the Paleo Diet. Or read the book, Wheat Belly to get motivated.
          A ‘Wheat Belly’ Bonanza: New Book By Dr. William Davis Making An Impact Jimmy Moore's Livin' La Vida Low Carb Blog
          Low Carb Age Wheat Belly Book Review Low Carb Age

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            Make sure you're eating a lot of fat to help with any cravings!


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              Thanks everyone for the replies. I am not (that I know of a compulsive eater), when my BS is near 110 I start feeling low. That is not really a good feeling. Hopefully as I continue to be at that level my body will get used to it

              What type of primal snacks contain more fat. I am eating nuts but not much else.

              Grizz, I realize what High Carb eating does, just like I know what uncontrolled blood sugar does, but I guess am addicted. didnt think that could happen to food, but for me it is avoidance not looking for the high. I quit cigarettes, although it did take a long time, but I did it and I will do the same thing here.

              Thanks for the help.


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                I totally agree with the eat more fat suggestion. I eat a tablespoon of coconut oil every morning.
                Eat just plain fat in addition to other Primal foods. Stay off nuts for awhile as they tend to stall weightloss. I know.
                Fat will kill the carb cravings, make you feel more satiated, stop hunger pangs, stop the "low blood sugar" feeling.
                Try a tablespoon of any of these: virgin coconut oil, a tablespoon of butter, olive oil, bacon drippings.
                Try cooking your meats and veg in coconut oil, red palm oil (get it at West Indies/Jamaican/African grocery stores), butter, virgin olive oil, lard?
                Eat bacon. Coconut milk (not coconut water) is also good. Drizzle fat/oil on your food as a condiment!

                If you like smoothies, make a Fat Bomb smoothie (see Richard Nikoley's site at Free the Animal).
                Good luck! Eating fat is where it's at!


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                  All or Nothing

                  Hi gewitt,

                  I wont pretend to be an expert on this as I have only been Primal for a few months but I have also struggled a bit with my getting mind powered up for primal. I had to cut things out completely or I would always say "Next Monday I will go for it", then monday didn't come and I was saying the exact same again the following Thursday.

                  When I say cut it all out I dont mean all carbs etc. at once I instead mean that week one, no bread. Week two no bread, no candy. Week three, no bread, no candy, no wheat products etc. until you reach a point that you have withdrawn quite easily and after being "off" something for a week or two you kinda want to keep it going. Obviously you will have your own list of things you want to eliminate in its own order of priority.

                  I know its not much but I hope this helps - It has worked for me.

                  Kind regards and good luck,



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                    Dude.....get a grip and get with it.

                    Look into Rob Wolf's book to look deeper into the science of what you are doing to yourself when you eat crap.

                    This is not a fad diet but a way of life that can fix what you have done to yourself over the years....please for your family and your limbs and eyesight...get a grip and do it!


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                      I agree w/Jasper. We are not all cut out for sudden absolute changes. I have gradually made changes in my eating and exercise habits over the past 9 months or so. I've found the suggestions at the link below to be very helpful.

                      The Habit Change Cheatsheet: 29 Ways to Successfully Ingrain a Behavior :zenhabits

                      When I first started eating primally, I allowed myself to "binge" on more primal food: for me that was jerky, macademia nuts, string cheese, blueberries or cherries or grapes if I was having a strong sweet craving.

                      And no, it hasn't been easy for me either, though it does get easIER with persistence and practice. I would love to eat donuts and candy and cookies all day, every day. But I can't eat that crap AND stay healthy. I'm choosing to be healthy.

                      You can do it. You are not in a class by yourself. It is possible to change your life.

                      height: 5' 10 1/2"
                      2/20/11: 210
                      9/19/11: 185.5
                      goal: #170

                      "Decide what to be, and go be it."