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How long for body to adjust to no diuretic?

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  • How long for body to adjust to no diuretic?

    I have taken a diuretic for high blood pressure for 30 years. My doctor just took me off 3 blood pressure medicines and took me down to one because my BP is much better now. No more diuretic. My body is rebelling -- feet are swollen, gained 5 lbs overnight, etc.

    I know it's going to take a while to adjust -- am I looking at days, weeks or months? Any suggestions for helping the process naturally?

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    I can't help you on how long it's going to take, but there are a few simple things you can do that are naturally diuretic... any kind of green juice (especially celery) will help, and there are herbal teas (dandelion, fennel, yarrow etc.) that are mildly diuretic. It may get worse before it gets better, but increasing your water intake can help flush out your system too.

    A lot of people will tell you to cut sodium, but a lot of smart primal thinkers think that's not true... I can probably find some links somewhere.


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      I don't know about diuretics but I know that in general bloating is improved by drinking plenty of water to flush out whatever is causing you to retain it.


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        I had only taken diuretic a few years but stopped needing it as soon as I got on primal. Are you keeping the carbs down and the protein up?
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          I'm not too knowledgeable in this area, but could the diuretic you took have put your potassium levels out of whack? Dandelion root is an excellent diuretic among other things, it supposedly keeps your potassium levels balanced as well. It makes me look veiny and ripped too, but I digress.
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            I only eat about 20-30 grams of carbs a day and about 100 grams of protein. I take a potassium supplement. I will try some of the natural diuretics to see if it helps and also try to drink more water - I'm not a big water drinker at all. It gives me heartburn. Thanks!


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              I would say at least 30 days (I work in a hospital as a PA) but this is just a semi-educated guess. You could try to go low sodium for a while to help reduce rebound fluid retention. Also consider support socks/stockings for a few weeks and elevate your feet when you are sitting.

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