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  • Whine/Vent

    Even though I have absolutely no valid reason for it ...

    I dispise structured exercise. Never even considered them until I started Primal in February, dropped to my ideal weight so fast it was scary, feel half my age, look great , all things being relative (can't cure fugly , but at least now I'm a healthy-looking fugly). But I freakin' HATE the exercises.

    I do lots of physical labor, inside and out, but have to force myself to practice 4 of the 5 essentials on a regular basis. Sprints are fun, but the rest, bah. I'll happily lug rocks & firewood around all day, dig up a garden bed or hike miles through the mountains but find 100 different reasons to avoid my regulation exercises.

    That's all. Just snivelling over the minor shit because I don't have any real problems. Shut up & count my blessings, right?

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    I'm like that too, so i try to exercise while i'm doing other shit like housework.
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      then just do what you love to do.

      i mean, if you move rocks around on a regular basis -- ie, weekly -- or similar, then i would argue that you don't need the movements. if you are doing other things like hiking and what not, then you probably don't need the structured stuff.

      you know, you do that mov-nat stuff, then you don't need the rest.

      you might consider adding in whatever other activities you consider fun, and just keep on keeping on.