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I feel like I literally can't stop myself

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  • I feel like I literally can't stop myself

    I know the outcome that I want and I know that I'm capable of doing it, I've managed to get part way there in the past before hitting a particular road block that I wont hit again.

    My problem is that I seem to have no will power, I go to do the shopping and I buy all the right things that I need, but then I pick up a couple of extra things that I most certainly do not need. Things like a tube of pringles, chocolate milk and a cheese and bacon roll. I'm out driving and thinking about the awesome steak I have at home for dinner and next thing I know my mind has shifted to KFC or McDonalds and I'm in the drive through.

    I feel like I cannot stop myself, has anyone else had this problem? What did you do to overcome?

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    I go to Sprouts--basically a less expensive version of Whole Foods. I stay out of regular grocery stores, that way I am not tempted by their Pringles and Hershey bars. There is still junk to be had, but it is less junky.

    As far as the drive-thrus are concerned, you just have to decide that food is poison. Like, really get it through your head that you are killing yourself by eating that junk. Read/watch whatever you have to to make it sink in. I used to be a drive-thru junkie. Now, my fast food is a salad at Chipotle. I am not strict Primal, by any means, but I won't touch another McDonald's french fry -- and I LOVE those things. LOVE 'EM!

    I don't really know when the shift came for me, I just know that one day I was convinced, really convinced, that fast food was toxic, and I haven't been into one of those places since. It's been about 4 months now.


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      This is where you gotta bust out your 12 step skills. I like the Just For Today motto. Tell yourself you're not eating any poison today. Just for today. And when you wake up, say it again.
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        not even just for today, but literally, "just right now."

        you feel the urge to buy pringles, and instead, you do not buy pringles. see if you can.

        and if you do need help, OA, FAA, and similar organizations DO exist that can help.


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          Yes, I know the exact feeling. I don't allow the crud in the house but then we have a really bad day and the pizza guy delivers and...

          So then I tell myself its just one meal, its ok, get back on track. Couple days/weeks go by...repeat.It wouldn't be so bad but it starts us all over on carb flu and feeling cruddy.

          I agree with Yvonne that you just have to decide that food is toxic. Its a good idea...doesn't seem to work for me but...
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            I actually find that putting it off till tomorrow, or even just later today is really helpful. If I still REALLY REALLY REALLY want a chocolate bar tomorrow, I can have it. Tomorrow, I have to ask myself if I REALLY REALLY REALLY want it now or if I can wait till the next day. I also remind myself that the chocolate will still be there tomorrow. That if, in an hour, I am going nuts and really HAVE to have it, I can. I live in a big city and can easily walk to the nearest mini mart. Trader Joes is only a few minutes away. It's not going anywhere and if I wait it will taste just as good but I will have accomplished something and strengthened my willpower. (willpower is like a muscle, you have to work it)


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              Originally posted by moonablaze View Post
              willpower is like a muscle, you have to work it
              I like that

              Thanks for the support guys.


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                Four years ago I quit drinking (and I drank a lot and often) and smoking cold turkey. That was so much easier than quitting junk food. I know how crazy that sounds and maybe it's just my personal experience. Small victories lead to big wins!!! It gets easier...just hang in there!!!