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    Anyone here do any kayak fishing? I just moved into an apartment 3 blocks from a large bay with a public park at the point where I could load up a kayak. I've already talked to the resident fisherman in my office, and he confirmed there's year round fish to be had in that area. My main concern now is dropping a few hundred bucks in equipment. I'm a competent (though no expert) fisherman, but I haven't done much for kayaking.

    Looking on Amazon I see a couple good options on the cheap:

    Something like this looks good for storage, which I'm assuming I'll need while fishing, but probably won't be as stable for being on the ocean... Sit On

    But there are also Sit In's

    Am I on the right track here? Should I be looking for something on Craig's List, or is Kayak + paddle + life vest for ~300$ as cheap as it gets?

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    There's a guy named Peril on this site who is a full time kayak fisherman down under. Very nice bloke. He might be able to give you some pointers.


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      If possible, I'd suggest you loan or rent a kayak before buying your own. Kayaks are very much a matter of personal preference, so I would ideally try out a few different types/models before buying anything.

      I only have experience with coastline and sea kayaks, but I know there are also some kayak models especially made for fishing. I assume it's possible to fish from a regular sea kayak, but maybe a sea kayak made for fishing would be better?

      I've only used kayaks in the $2500-$3000 price range (polyethylene sea kayaks and fiberglass coastliners), which I think is considered mid-range (probably a lot cheaper in the U.S. though), so I would be very skeptical to a kayak that only cost $300.
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        I love kayak fishing out on the wobbly, but I do have a full-time office job to pay for it.

        I don't think that boat will suit at all. It has no flat surfaces for mounting rod holders and it has lousy storage. But most of all it is short and wide, which means it will be a pig to paddle and unsafe on any large body of water when the wind blows up.

        The only good thing about it is it is a sit-on-top, which is the preferred style of craft for fishing. I could go on and on about this. Instead, consider the following:

        * check out the kayak fishing forums (just search google)
        * use the forums to find locals who fish from kayaks. Ask them what is suitable

        As for price, things on Australia are more expensive than most other places, but I would pay $2500 for a kayak, $200-500 for a paddle and $150 for a pfd. You can start a lot cheaper but prepare to be dissatisfied and wanting to upgrade your gear.

        Feel free to PM me if you have more questions
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