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My town is having it's first ever Ribfest!

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  • My town is having it's first ever Ribfest!

    We're a small city, about 25,000. For the first time ever, we are having an officially sanctioned Ribfest event here. Very exciting, they are setting up a small tent city in a local park. All ribs, pulled pork, chicken. Carnivore's heaven. I know there's lots of sugar in the sauces, but still... WOW!! The only problem is that I am out of town this weekend, running a half marathon. But hubby and son (who are working their way toward Primal) are going to go fill their faces in my stead.

    Hope it comes back next year - I'll be there!

    Any comments or recommendations from those of you experienced at Ribfests?

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    Bring lots of money. The one in Rochester NY charged to get in plus all the vendors charge a regular price. Look for samples, which are priced a dollar or two.
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      Admission is free, but based on the website info, the food is pricey, I noticed. The portions are enormous, though. And it's a partial fundraiser, which always makes for higher prices. I'm surprised that you have to pay for samples, but I guess that's how they make the charity money.