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After five years, I cancelled my Weight Watchers membership today

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  • After five years, I cancelled my Weight Watchers membership today

    HUGE step for me. I've been eating mostly Primally for all of 10 days now. The book makes SO much sense and I really understand while I never reached goal weight with WW, with all my chronic cardio and low fat/high carb dietary habits.

    It hasn't been easy. I can't abide eggs, and I cut out red meat a long long time ago. So I'm struggling food-wise. I did read Mark's article about transitioning from vegeterianism. I really, really do lovesweets and breads, not to mention I have built my recipe repatoire around lean protein and lots of beans and grains, so I have quite an adjustment to make.

    And my workouts - no longer am I setting my alarm for 4:15 a.m. to get a full hour of cardio in before work. I'm already looking with pity at the folks I see at the gym slugging away on the treadmills...

    Despite the challenges I feel like it's been worth it already. SO thankful I happened to hear Mark on the radio one day. I feel like it's meant to be.

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    Congrats to you. I got my 59 year old mother to go Primal for 3 months (she had done weight watchers previously many times) and she lost 25 pounds of the 45 she needs to loose (more than any other diet) but never would give up all the diet sodas and artificially sweetened ice tea. I told her until I was blue in the face to stop all the sweet stuff. A few weeks ago she switched to Weight Watchers saying this Primal diet just did not work for her. Last I heard was she was up 3 pounds. I am glad you went Primal and are enjoying it. My only advise is cut all the sweet stuff (artificial or not), exercise, and be sure to eat until your full. These are the things I couldn't get my mom to do. She was still on the weight watchers eat tiny amounts and starve mind set no matter what. Never embraced eating fattening stuff.

    BTW as a side note Primal does work. I started back in late January of this year and have lost around 120 pounds of fat. Went from 340 to 230 and bulked up the muscles pretty heavily. I eat all I want just stay strictly Primal.
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      Congrats and welcome!! I also came to PB from years of back and forth with WW, and still struggle with some of the WW edicts and my own personal cheats and missteps. All that aside, I definitely have a healthier relationship with food now than I did when I was on WW (no more shame binge-eating entire bags of potato chips in my closet - I wish I was kidding). I hope it's beneficial for you as well!
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        Good for you! I have spent the last year getting increasingly strict about staying Primal all the time. It totally works; you will not regret it.

        Just be prepared to do a lot of experimenting on yourself to find what works best, as Mark (rightly) leaves a lot of leeway in the guidelines for people to adjust to their own best fit.

        Also, don't make the mistake of ignoring the non-dietary Primal rules. Sleep, play, and exercise are all equally important to optimum physical, mental, and emotional health. It's a whole lifestyle and you definitely get the best results if you treat it that way.

        P.S. are you averse to adding red meat back into your diet? Because you'll be missing out on a lot of rich, nutritious, and totally tasty food if you don't...
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          Definitely add the red meat back. Burgers, roasts and steaks are definitely the way to go. Sometimes all it takes is just a couple pieces of bacon to get the hear pumping.


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            welcome and congrats for leaving WW...I left them last year - and never looked back.. Its awesome to be able to enjoy a meal b/c you get to eat not only whats good for you but tastes good too...

            definitely add red meat back in...its got things your body needs!
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              Thanks everyone for the welcomes and words of wisdom! Mmm, are you telling me I should add red meat back in? Seriously need to work on that. I had some turkey jerky yesterday.

              And Clay, congrats on your loss, WOW! What a great example you are for your mom too.