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      Originally posted by Crabbcakes View Post
      I would like to hear how the teacher training is involved in your story. What were the sticking points that made you ditch teaching?
      The main point was a realised how little the kids actually learnt, and I felt the whole student/teacher relationship was negative and confrontational, mainly coming from the teachers not giving the kids any respect.

      The whole education system had been ruined by polititions who have not training in education messing with the system to please the middle class voters who only value exam results and don't care a jot for students involved.

      I just felt it failed everyone involved, the best outcome was for middle ablility kids who coasted throgh and got decent grades then somehow got a job or uni place and managed to make that work, but they would have done OK anyway, the really bright ones wern't challedned enough and often lost their love of learning, anyone who was differnt was branded a trouble maker and lost any chance they had of getting something out of the system (pretty much happend to me, I went back to education as a mature student). Unacademic students are made to feel failures as theit skills are not valued by the academic system.

      Then my senior mentor said you have to make a choice of which to put first, your family or your career, when I was mentioning how much of my then 2 year olds life I was missing out on (I was often out before she got up and home after she was in bed, plus my placement was so far away I was staying over 2 or 3 nights a week, and working weekends planning and marking) I let him know it wasn's a choice, and quite pretty much there and then as it was clear this was the work load that was expected from now on.

      Then to get a bit more 'radical' I beleive the only thing state educatiuon prepares you for is to be good little obedient worker drone, part of a system that only benifits the 10% at the top, and screws everyone else and the planet over, I don't want to be part of that system, and if my kids choose to be part of that system I want them to go into it with their eyes open. I know that is a pretty out there view point, but I never claimed to be normal
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        Keep in mind, Rob, that part of the problem is "one size fits all" schooling; school choice would be an improvement in helping find more appropriate course loads for outliers. Ofc, it's one where the conservatives are trying to press for it, and it's constantly held back by liberals, even though it'd help more "liberal" forms of education be tried out.

        There's really only so much you can do in the current system, especially with common bias dictating how one-size schooling works.


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          I agree the 'one size fits all' system really dosn't fit anyone.

          A big change needs to be made in people's thinking, if state education is to improve society needs to value academic and non academic routes equally, now NVQs BTEC etc are seen as second class but most and GCSE's are seen as inferior to 'O' Levels.

          Often because results have improved. The reason results have improved is because teachers are teaching to the test as the school rating is based on it, that and in my experiance kids are working harder in general now than when I school. BTEC results are good as they suit the students who do them and to an extent you can't fail as your teacher dosn't have to mark your course work offically untill it is at the required standard. This dosn't in my mind devalue the qualification, you still have to do the work, you just get told what is wrong with it and guidance on how to improve.

          Also I think sceondary schools in the UK are too large and cover too wide an age range, 11 - 18 mostly, you change a lot in that time and I the 16+ YO get treated like the 11 YO's, needs to be a middle school
          You know all those pictures of Adam and Eve where they have belly button? Think about it..................... take as long as you need........................


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            I'm American, so no idea what those acronyms were... but I agree we need different paths. At the very least, provide school choice and endorse more vocational training. Either let AP classes count towards college, or have kids do vocational courses in high school. It's one of the things I'm not fond of in our current system, the looking down at vocation, when most college degrees are useless and increasingly expensive.