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  • Ancestral Health Club at School

    My friend and I are 3rd year students at Purdue University, studying dietetics. We started eating Paleo about a year ago, and are currently dreading our nutrition classes. We've also felt a lot of pressure recently since we do not believe in what we are being taught anymore. Knowing that our career path may involve us telling people the same CW does not set well with us either.

    Anyway, since we've already invested so much money in this school, we would like to find a way to get involved with the ancestral health movement here. Our current idea is to create a club that is pretty all inclusive. It would include all of the different ancestral diets (Paleo, Primal, Archevore, Perfect Health Diet, possibly WAP, etc.) as well as functional fitness (MovNat, barefoot running, Crossfit, LHT, etc.). We think there is a better chance at getting people involved if we include all of these options.

    That's what we have thus far. We need something that will appeal to a professor or staff member to get sponsored as well as something that will get a decent amount of student membership.

    Any ideas or opinions on this matter? Possible names? Things to focus on?
    Thanks for reading!
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    Sorry, but I'd really like to hear your suggestions.