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Primal eating and Christianity

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  • Primal eating and Christianity

    There must be some Christians who follow this, right?

    I am a Christian who believes in an old universe and evolution, but my mother believes the earth is only 6000 years old and definitely against evolution. If she knew what I believed she would only stress her mind even more.

    She is concerned about us giving up grains because grains are in the Bible. She believes they're good because people ate them in the Bible. What does one say to that?

    I think she should cut them out, and most of the fruit she eats, because this woman always has hypoglycemic attacks like I used to and is an emotional rollercoaster (my husband insists she's insane, lol). She's always tired, has syncope and PVCs, but she won't because she says "I just won't be satisfied not eating grains." And "I've eaten this way for 53 years now I can't change."

    I haven't bugged her but it makes me sad because I'm sure she would feel so much better if she did change her diet. She gets great exercise as a geriatric nurse but what she eats is hurting her.

    So anyways, back to the subject: what would Christians here say to someone who believes we should eat grains because they did in the Bible? Specifically Christ- he ate grains too.

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    Didn't people stone anybody god told them to in the bible? Was that good? Things obviously change, right?

    Something tells me that arguement wouldn't work. Sorry, I wish I could be more helpful.
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      If you're using a 2000 year old book for modern nutrition advice, well... best of luck to ya.

      What would I say? I'd say bless your soul, say hello to the Good Man for me, as you'll see him before I will.

      (ETA - there is no excuse to allow religion and fallible interpretations of it to get in the way of building and squaring away your own personal temple. I would think a devout christian would realize it's their duty to keep their own house in order and act as a role model for others.)
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        Get her a copy of Wheat Belly and she'll soon discover the grains from the bible aren't the same ones we have now.
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          He would want you to have a more flexible approach to his teachings and prioritize your health and well-being (and therefore the well-being of your loved ones) above perfunctorily following some document that he did not even write.


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            ok..I am outing myself.. I am 56 . But..I have read so much about grains now verses grains then... The grain we grow now is hybrid grain that has so much gluten in it that it is no longer the grain of the bible. It is genetically altered. Like corn and soy. I would not touch them with a 10 foot pole.Any grains.

            Another thing, and this is just the gist of, don't anyone jump down my neck..I'm trying to think of what I would say to my own mother. and I am new at this,,, so correct me if I am wrong gently... ... Gary Taubes wrote an article about sugar. Some where in one of his books or articles or maybe even in an interview (don't recall which) He speaks about refined sugars and carbs being the culprit that starts the whole insulin resistance. After all the sugar and refined foods ruin the metabolism we become allergic to carbs. If I lived in Bible days, I would never grow up eating sugar and I would never become insulin resistant. They were be able to eat the rough whole grains with their fish and other hunted things. Their grains were not refined. What we call bread now days would not resemble their bread. John the baptist ate locusts. Does she eat that too because it is in the bible? bleckkkk...

            My mother (aged 75 right now) asked some of that at first. But she has been eating this way for 12 years, before it became popular and she has been preaching to me! My father had out of control blood sugar.(400). Nothing would bring it down. So she researched and bought Dr Eades Protein Power books. Our doctor says that my 78 year old father has the best blood work of any of his older patients. I should have listened to my mother years ago.
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              I am a Christian as well.

              From my point of view, the bible teaches us about God and spirituality and how to live moral, god-fearing lives.

              Its not intended to teach us about physics, astronomy, geology, biology, nutrition, and medicine. Nor any other scientific discipline. If you think of the scientific sophistication of the original audience, yes there are reasons God left relativity and quantum mechanics out completely, as well as greatly simplifying the mechanics of how the universe was created so that even simple sheep-herders of 4-6000 years ago could get on with their lives in a spiritual way.

              And may Jesus have mercy on, and reveal wisdom into the hearts of, anyone who actually tries to get their nutrition guidance out of the bible. You would think we should be drinking wine every day with nothing but bread or something... oh wait...

              Having said that, many grains we eat today have no relationship to the grains ate by the people of the bible. Wheat especially has been tampered with greatly and bears no relationship to the wheat of 100 years ago even. See "Wheat Belly" and blog articles by Dr. William Davis. If anything impress on her that the wheat of table is not holy wheat!

              My 64 year old mother had no problems going on this journey premised simply by noting how her grandparents fed her and there were no nutrition ills much less the blood glucose roller coasters of today - it was easy turning her on to primal, she was almost all the way there on her own...
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                Originally posted by Athanasey View Post
                Get her a copy of Wheat Belly and she'll soon discover the grains from the bible aren't the same ones we have now.
                One also pretty much made everything they ate. I mean, I've yet to read in the bible about a box of ANYTHING. I have a feeling that the people of the time ate the food available to them. And I doubt they were going out and eating fast foods, and in restaurants. With regards to food, I would have her look to the nutritional value. What nutrition does she think she's getting from grains? What vitamins and minerals (that aren't ADDED as ingredients)... And if she's going to reference the bible, I'd say go to Adam and Eve. Not ONE mention of grains, bread or cereal. That was considered a place of perfect creation, and a perfect way to live. How primal can you get? Fruits, Veges & Animals... Why not reference the part of the bible in which all was perfect BEFORE the fall of man. Everything after that is pretty much down hill.

                She's only 53? If she were to improve her diet she could live easily another 50 years. So, I'd say she's still a youngin'


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                  i am a Christian, a young earther, and primal. I hold that God designed us to live best by eating meat and vege. As for grain-consumption in the Bible, it seems to me that grain-consumption falls under cultural accommodation. There are many cultural accommodations in the Bible, including clothing style, music, legal systems, and, yes, foods. Christians (at least most of us) don't walk around in robes, chanting to a psaltery, submitting to the family father, and foregoing bacon. God spoke to his people through culture, using common foods, language, literary genres, and ideas to communicate his truth. He used bread, both leavened and unleavened, because both were common in culture and could be imbued with meaning--because bread was common, the meaning would be repeated over and over.

                  Anyhow, that's how I've thought about it.
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                    soo...I'm not a theologist or even religious more than the wonderment of the unknown universe around us.

                    BUT, I saw reference to this someplace else and found it interesting.

                    Genesis 3:17/19
                    And unto Adam he said, Because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of thy wife, and hast eaten of the tree, of which I commanded thee, saying, Thou shalt not eat of it: cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life;
                    Thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth to thee; and thou shalt eat the herb of the field;
                    In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.

                    I suppose it prob has a different meaning a greater context, but that sure looks like God was pissed at Adam and told him that he'd now have to work in the fields to make bread instead of enjoying the Garden and its delicious fare.



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                      Have to agree with the others - the grains we have now are some genetically morphed version of grains back then. Definitely read "Wheat Belly". I can't remember exactly, bu the said the grains back in the day had something like 14 pairs of chromosomes and they now have 46 pair. Less reactive and not even remotely close to the stuff we're eating now.


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                        youth pastor in our church (who also happened to have taught at a seminary but have retired) is on PB thanks to me. he has lost 16lb in last 2 month and becoming healthier. . He has no issue going gluten free/wheat free. I do coconut flour pancake to make breakfast sandwich with, which he likes. as well as muffins. you can partake in bread without wheat and eve low carb.


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                          That does make sense, that most of us are coming from a place needing serious healing and that people living on a healthy diet without all of the processed junk wouldn't need that.

                          But I wouldn't use Adam and Eve though, because prior to the fall they didn't consume animal flesh. Many fundamentalists believe that even dinosaurs were ALL herbivores (but no one will explain to me about the razor sharp shearing teeth on the theropods....).


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                            I guess I'll be adding Wheat Belly to my ever-growing list of books to read.


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                              Yes, that's true. Cultural norms were embraced so that people could be reached. That makes sense.