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So I think I have a hernia

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  • So I think I have a hernia

    Hi all,

    While doing squats 2 days ago, I felt a burning sensation in my lower abdomen above my hip bone and below my belly button (sorta). It felt at first like a muscle strain, so I stopped my workout, but I didn't feel any bumps or have further pain. Yesterday, I started having flashes of pain across the area, and I now have a bump that is painful to the touch. I will be going to the doctor tomorrow to find out for certain.

    My question is if anyone else has had a hernia, and what the recovery time is for this? I'm going through a hard time right now, and physical activity has been the main outlet for me, and I think I might go bonkers if I'm restricted from working out for a few weeks. If that's the case, any thoughts on what kind of physical activity I can do?


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    yeah you should definitely go to the doctor!

    i dont think you can recover from a hernia on your own, i think you will have to get surgery to fix it but i could be wrong. that bump you feel is your guts hanging out of your abdomen! a friend of mine had one and was out of work for 3 months, his was pretty bad though so maybe you wont be so unlucky.
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      It is up to mark i like this


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        Yes, doctor ASAP. Recovery time for hernias can vary, but you will likely have permanent lifting restrictions as a result. Your heavy squatting days may be over. You can always do alternative exercises such as lunges, step ups, etc.


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          Yep, go to doctor. If its really a hernia, there is no way to just power through this on your own.
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