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Dr. Mercola Discusses the FDA

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  • Dr. Mercola Discusses the FDA

    This Dr. Mercola guy seems to know his stuff. Wikipedia says he is on a no grain diet. Mercola discusses some legislation by statist Senator Dick Durbin on some recent legislation to regulate nutritional supplements.

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    Good god, I had no idea Dick Durbin was doing this... and I used to like him as a senator. I live in chicago, so he's my senator and I just sent him a semi-angry letter about this.

    Where I live, there is only 1 grass-fed raw milk dairy that's one county over from chicago, and he better not shut them down.
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      One part valuable resource, one part chicken little, one part snake oil salesman, one part . . . . whatever.
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        mercola often has some good information but he kind of drives me nuts


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          I have been trying to read Mercola's book. In some aspects it's good but definitely disorganized. I am also in the Chicago area and Durbin better wake up. I will put on my to-do's to send him also a letter. Primal has helped me tremendously despite the fact that I cheat way too much. But I am doing the challenge...started last night.
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