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Out of the blue puke fest...

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  • Out of the blue puke fest...

    Sorry, I know that's a bit gross to some...

    Ok, So, I have not been perfectly primal (will be doing the 30 day challenge starting Mon to get my ass on track), but have done OK off of gluten... UNTIL... say Thurs. when DH brought home a bunch of bagels, cream cheese and pepper jelly. A yummy combo to me. Had a bagle, Thurs, Fri, and Yes (drops head in shame) for breakfast this morning.

    I felt FINE!!!!!!

    Took a shower... Got out.. I felt FINE... Went walking through the house not expecting anything suprising, and out of the blue, like a one minute warning gag reflex in my throat?... Mad dash for the bathroom. Puked it all up... (most anyway), and then nothing. No sick stomach (before or after). Nothing.

    The likelyhood of PG? not likely as aunty is currently visiting!

    Could I have rejected the gluten? Would that take upwards of 3 days? Could it be too much volume of food? As I think about it, I've had a sudden urge to purge after eating 2 eggs and some bacon. Have NEVER done that on purpose - So no, bulimia issues.

    Could I STILL be so out of tune with my own hunger that I ate more than I needed, just 'cause it was TIME to eat, I WAS hungry. Maybe I over did it? Ate too fast? (reasonable? It took me a while to realize I was eating out of boredom and anxiety)

    This does NOT happen often. Certainly not a daily issue. Has happened maybe 3 times in the last several months... I don't think I have a medical issue...

    Has this happened to you? Am I just a weirdo??? LOL! Maybe...

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    3 days is a long time to wait to have a reaction...I would think you would have digested everything and had it out of your system by then but maybe it was overload. I was just recently SUPER sick after eating pizza for the first time in months and I still don't know quite what caused it but 4 days later on regular primal and IF schedule I've been fine, no incidents. I think with carbs like that, for me at least, it is opening a door to who knows what, and cravings are increased, and I wondered if I'd suddenly developed a gluten allergy from not eating it for so long - rice has not been a problem. really hard to know...I wondered if I had food poisoning but no one else got sick so...sometimes this sort of thing is just mysterious and it is best to go back to what you know makes you feel good and think of that over your next craving, as annoying/hard as that seems.