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  • Critique this routine.

    Hi there,

    I've been primal for 5 months now and evolving my routine as I go. My main influences have been Perfect Health Diet, Archevore and here. I am doing well but looking to lean out a bit more so if people could critique this routine I'm thinking of adopting I'd be most grateful.

    Some of this routine is dictated by job and other circumstances but any input is great.

    ~ 7 am wake, HIIT, coffee/tea

    ~ 2pm eat my first meal - mainly fat and protein, little to no carbs.

    ~ 8pm eat my second meal - including carbs from safe starchs (i.e. potatoes)

    ~ 11pm sleep

    General points:

    Carbs under 100g
    IF included too
    A lot of walking at work (hence the reason for HIIT in the morning to boost FFA flow and boost metabolism during the day + the hormonal benefits)

    I suppose I'm basically asking will my muscle glycogen be adequete enough to perform HIIT in the morning without burning through my lean mass?

    I'm fairly well versed in many aspects of nutrition but I'm wondering is this a relatively optimal routine.


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    looks pretty good. you doing any lifting?


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      Yeah twice a week on average.


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        If it seems to be working, I would stick with it. It looks like a decent routine to me.

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          HIIT should be too intense to do every day- it's like sprinting, which should only be done about once or twice a week. Adequate recovery time is vital, or you will burn out or get injured.


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            Yeah I only do 3 sessions a week.