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newbie, would like your help.

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  • newbie, would like your help.

    for the last 7 years ive been having fibromyalgia full body pains that reall ruined my life.
    ive tried treating in many ways with no success and actually heared about paleo a few years ago. i could only last a few days of which ive lost weight where ive been skinny in the beginning anyway and couldnt persist.
    i actually have a pretty bad "adhd" where i find it difficult to get motivated and persist, lose interest very fast and need to have it written/modular in one place.
    in any subject, i find it extremely difficult to try and gather information online and very soon lose track. (including recipes).

    while trying paleo, i dived right in and tried to do 180 degrees change in 2 days and of course failed.
    i want this change to not stress me, to now have me change my while life thinking each moment of the day what im gonna eat next and for it to be as simple as i can.
    i do have a pretty big sweet craving, and alot of mydays are spent eating sweets, sometimes instead of proper meals.
    ive thought about ordering marks recipe book, but notest i just dont relate to alot of the recipes, how can i find a book with recipes that are just common and known(like salads, chicken steaks, pork ect....) and not obscure which mean ill have to really get used to them which will just stress me.
    again-i want it to be as smooth as possible and as easy as possible.
    is there another recipes book?
    should i but the primal blue print also?
    i would appreciate any advices.