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Rugby World Cup 2011

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  • Rugby World Cup 2011

    So the world cup is upon us again!

    In less than an hour NZ will kick things off against Tonga.

    Who do you want to win? Who do you think will win?

    Throw all rugby related things this way
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    NZ to finally win I think but I'm an Aussie supporter so hope it's us who get there instead.

    All that clean air and green grass - there's gotta be some awesome Primal food down there. Will hopefully be going in November to check it out.


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      All Blacks all the way! I just wish I'd organised the sports pay TV channel. They will only show the Aussie matches on free-to-air here
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        Ireland! Although honestly, All Blacks will probably win, they looked great against Tonga in the opener.

        It looks like if you go to Official RWC 2011 Site you can watch all the matches on replay. But you have to wait 24 hours after the completion of the match for the video to be available.


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          Went to NZ years ago. One of my biggest regrets is not catching a rugby game while there.
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            All Blacks for the top spot. England up for a spot of Puma hunting in the morning although I reckon Argentina will run us close. England never perform well in an opening game, too nervous.

            And I have a soft spot for Wales, something to do with a former girlfriend from the Valleys.

            In an off-topic and unrelated and purely self-indulgent moment of thought, Welsh women and Italian sports cars - a couple of the finer things in life.
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              I think if England had got the grand slam earlier in the year they'd have more of a chance in the world cup. They just always seem to fall apart when it really matters.

              I'm genuinely surprised by the Welsh performance recently. Having lived in Cardiff for 3 years I watched a fair few of their games, and it's like suddenly they've remembered how to play rugby. Their win over England the other week was fantastic (even though I support England...) and showed they do actually have skill as a team.

              Mind I don't want Wales to do better than England, otherwise my old teammates down in Cardiff will be far too gleeful for my liking!
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                Go the AB's
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