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Meditation? Relaxation techniques? Visualisation?

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  • Meditation? Relaxation techniques? Visualisation?

    I am feeling stressed out, things at work are hectic and everyone is feeling it.

    How do I start meditation etc? Or good relaxation techniques?

    I guess it's about letting things go and just not letting things grind you down.

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    breathing deeply for 3-5 breaths makes a big difference "in the heat of the moment" when you are feeling stressed.

    and then for meditation, take three minutes and gaze at a candle. when your mind wanders, gaze at the candle. listen to your breath at the same time, if possible. if you think, acknowledge the thought, then try to gaze and listen again. 3 minutes is a long time when you are first starting, so use a timer so you don't ahve to watch the clock.


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      I think going for guided meditation is the best option when you first start to meditate..someone will be there to tell you to relax different parts of your body,guide you on your posture,remind you of different aspects of the meditation as you go along.If you can't find one where you live,there are lots of great links online.Susan Eng(the partner of Eckhart Tolle) has a great meditation for beginners as a link on his website if you google him.If there is a Buddhist centre near to you they would have meditation courses and you do not have to be a Buddhist or want to be one in order to take part.


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        There are literally hundreds of meditation techniques out there. I think it's just a matter of finding something that works for you and doesn't feel like a chore that you have to do every day. I've done transcendental meditation in the past, but for the past year or so, I've been practicing mindfulness meditation for at least twenty minutes a day, sometimes up to two hours. I started by concentrating on my breath, but now I find that it's not even necessary. Instead, I do nothing, literally. No technique, no concentrating on anything, no trying to quiet my mind, no trying to meditate, just sitting. After five, or ten, or sometimes twenty minutes, my mind finally stops chattering and there's nothing left but beautiful empty silence.

        I've also started doing yoga which is very relaxing and a great workout at the same time. If you really want to get crazy, you can try doing a session in a floatation tank. I've been doing this once every few weeks and it's pretty amazing. I kind of think of it like a reset button. Whatever you were dealing with before getting in the tank just melts away and you almost feel like a new person when you get out.


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          Originally posted by bluepelican View Post
          I've also started doing yoga which is very relaxing and a great workout at the same time.
          For me, meditation was very difficult until after practicing yoga. It was almost like I needed to learn how be present in motion (during asana practice) before I could be present while still.
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