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30 Day Cold Shower Challenge: The Final Test

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    I used to love taking cold showers. I get a rush out of it, probably more of a boost than I get from a couple of strong coffees, even.

    Hell, after reading this I'm going to add cold showers to the rest of my September Whole30. Thanks for the idea.

    Edit: I just remembered it was alternating between super hot and full cold, in 30 second bursts. Always ending on cold. Some kind of blood flow help? I forget exactly what I had read on it. I'll have to google it up when I'm not on my phone.
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      I like how it fits in to the primal existence. How many "hot" showers/baths did grok experience? Unless he had a hotspring around, very few I would expect. Lot's of benefits to be had by taking cold showers: Thermogenesis, less dry skin & hair, most likely less time in the shower wasting time because it's not as comfortable.....Flip it around. What is the point of a hot shower all the time? I'm going to give it a go.